Today At Off!

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  1. I went to Off today and saw shadow esq, yellow bag that miss nov has (the big one), silver esq, LOTS of nude--kingston looking bag, shoulder bag and mande looking bag in nude, still rasta, and cheetah kingston, 1 saddle mini mandi, silver makeup bags, sorry I dont have the names.
  2. which one did you go to? i got my venezia from grapevine, TX today..
  3. I was at grapevine..what time did you get yours. I was there until they closed and they had 1! very cute. I played around with it.
  4. That's so funny because I just got home from that same location just about an hour ago! (with a saddle morant) :shame:
  5. ^^ Congrats on the saddle morant, it's such a classic little bag.
  6. i called around 3 pm over there.. they said they have only have 2 bag in chartreuse color yesterday when i fist called.. both of em are venezia.. that's the other i suppose.. :yes:
  7. wow.. this grapevine location is pretty popular today among us lambies.. :tup:
  8. SO you took it. I was looking at the table and noticed one was gone because there were two...I thought I was the only LAMBIE in there. I was the black chick with curly hair and a saddle mande if you were saw me..They had alot didnt they?

  9. That bag is hot much did it end up costing you.
  10. it was $444.99 shipped.. i use the 20% off coupon and didn't pay sales tax since it's out-of-state charge send.. if you want, you could probably find one here in california.. so then you don't have to pay the sales tax too.. :tup:
  11. how did you find that one. my friend was told they dont do store searching? i need to decide what i am gonna get though. I love that bag....are you gonna wear it with everything?
  12. They did have a lot... but they had even more about a week ago. It seemed like the animal print was really cleaned out yesterday compared to how it was a week ago! I was sort of surprised, especially since it seems like hardly anyone carries L.A.M.B. around these parts. Either people are suddenly becoming enlightened or there were a heap of charge-sends!
  13. ^hmmmm....I just ordered the other Venezia Charteruse today ..........soooooo bad....................
  14. I just called them randomly.. lol..
  15. YAAAAY!! congratssss.. i know i'm gonna love it.. and so are you!! :tup: