Today at Nordstrom's Anniversary sale I bought....

  1. Soooo since I'm guessing a LOT of us went shopping today!!
    Post about what you got or will get tomorrow! Or whatever it is that you are considering getting!!

    I got: 5 gucci sunglasses, 2 giorgio armani sunglasses
  2. Five Gucci shades!? Dang girl! Post pictures maybe? lol
  3. I'd love to see photos as well! That's all you got? I have yet to go, but I'm trying to stay away!
  4. I was good! Only a pair of boots and pair of jeans.
  5. i got a Fendi sunglass
  6. Let's see... Here's my list:

    1) Caslon Blue velvet jacket
    2) Caslon Grey check pants with some blue lines that match the jacket
    3) CE Crinkly white shirt
    4) Vince grey cashmere cardigan
    5) CE black and white check asymetrical skirt
    6) Robert Lee Morris silver "key" pendant necklace
    7) Coach watch (not on sale, but LOVED the style)
    8) YSL Babydoll palette
    9) MAC Coral lips palette
    10) Caslon waffle hoodie in seafoam green

    I think I'm going back first thing in the morning tomorrow to return the things that I'm vetoing--they didn't worth with other items. I'll probably pick up another pair of pants to go with the velvet jacket--I just LOVE the color.
  7. I got a slate suede large Coach hobo...
  8. I didn't see anything I liked, but there was a Marc Jacobs green patent (not quilted) flap bag, two MJ silver totes, and 1 MJ black venetia when I was at the Westside Pavilion Nordstrom today. I saw a woman buy the last Coach sale bag. :sad:

    I noticed too that the Gucci sale glasses for $89 are the same promotional sunglasses that Neimans has for $99. Nordstrom sold out of most but Neimans still has a good selection. I was sad that I couldn't find a pair that fit well.
  9. ^^^ thithi, do you remember how much the black venetia was?
  10. It wasn't a clearance bag, it was the anniversary sale price of 33% off of the regular retail.. I think retail was about 995? so maybe around $655? Definitely around that price give or take a few dollars.
  11. ^^^ thanks:tender:
  12. I got some Gucci sunglasses for $99 and some Coach sunglasses for $89.
  13. I spent LOTS of money on sweaters -- some Laurie B, Robert Rodriguez, and Amo & Bretti. They were still sort of pricey even on sale but they are nice. Got lots of great panties on sale too. I also ordered a couple pair of shoes but I am not sure if I will keep them.
  14. Ooh!! sounds fun!

    I also got earlier today an armani long jacket (not on sale), juicy sweats & shirts (on sale)... and I can't go shopping anymore anytime soon!!
  15. i went shopping at nordstroms but only bought for my bf:
    2 theory button-downs
    1 penguin polo
    2 seven fam jeans

    i plan to go tomorrow and maybe get something for ME! :P