Today at Nordstrom Rack...

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  1. ... at the Hughes Center in LA, I found this Shih bag (first pic) -- in a butter color -- it's actually much nicer IRL than the picture. I'd seen the bag on Revove, and thought it looked corny with all the buttons, but in person it works, and looks nice! Maybe it looks nicer in the butter color -- anyway, the leather is really soft, like Bulga. I found it for $119.

    I also saw a Philip Lim bag (second pic), marked down to $99 down from $1000! What a steal! I almost bought it, but didn't. It was gorgeous, but the hardware was really heavy. The weight of the bag didn't seem balanced. The body of the bag so soft and light, then the hardware so heavy. It might be a good one for someone to snag and sell on eBay. There was only one, so you'd have to hurry down there.

    There was also a couple of Mulberrys, I'm not sure the style name, hobo bag with fringe... Lots of Cole Haan bags, Betsy Johnson, Linea Pelle...
    shih1.jpg philiplim.jpg
  2. Wow, what a find! I love the Shih bag. Almost bought it myself when it was on sale at Revolve.
  3. The Philip Lim bag is cute! too bad it sounds uncomfortable.
  4. OMG! Great deals! I snagged a Mulberry Roxanne for 299.00 from 1299!
  5. i don't get it! everytime i go to the howard hughes center it is pure crap. good job!
  6. I know! I got lucky!
  7. I picked up the Phillip Lim... it's a tad uncomfy weight wise... but SO cute... thanks for the info!
  8. Oh good! It was such an amazing markdown! I'm glad someone who can appreciate it got it.
  9. I never find anything there anymore.... one of these days ,hopefully, I will have some luck!
  10. wow what a great deal!
  11. nice bags!

  12. wow....Mulberry Roxanne for 299.00. :wtf: Why I'm not live in the US:crybaby:
  13. At $299.00, I don't have to be AS careful with it. That is what I love the most. If I paid full price, it would be a little more pampered. But, don't get me wrong, I love and care for ALL my bags.:heart:
  14. Wow, those are some great deals for some really cute bags. I was eyeing the Phillip Lam bag too.
  15. Has anyone been lately??? Found a L.A.M B bag there. Didn't get it though.