Today at LV...

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  1. I was hoping to buy the Azur 4-Key Holder but I didn't see it at the store today (Short Hills, NJ). :sad: I will go to another store later this week though. But while I was at the store I did see many of the new items! In the window the LVOE bag was on display. So if anyone lives in/near NJ and wants the LVOE bag, Short Hills has it! I also saw the new White MC Rita on display, its nice but not my style, too big. The Hampstead bags didn't catch my attention. I wanted the Hampstead PM, but when I saw it IRL today it was bigger than I thought. What caught my eye though was the Beverly MM! I fell in love with it! Its the perfect bag for me, but pricewise I can't bring myself to spend over $900 on a bag. I could try to ask my husband, but he thinks I shouldn't buy too many LV bags or buy such expensive bags. He doesn't even know I have the Azur Speedy and I got it back in February when he was on a business trip.

    One of my highlights of the day, or so I thought, was when I saw a woman walking around Short Hills with a Cherry Blossom Papillon! Unfortunately, my son got closer and realized it was fake. I wish they sold a regular Mono Retro, I would probably get that.
  2. I'm going to garden state plaza(Paramus) Thursday I'll let you know if I see it!!!!
  3. Thanks for the information! I just love the new bags!
  4. I also LOVE the Beverly MM and didn't like the Hampsteads very much! The Beverly is my next must-have! Hope you find your key holder soon!
  5. ^^ i agree..i don't like the hampsteads much
  6. :wtf: This is coming from the Damier princess!
  7. Oh, I hope you find your key holder. It's a very nice piece.
  8. The canvas LVOE right?!?
  9. The Garden State Plaze store is much bigger, although Short Hills has more accessories on display. I'd try there!
  10. I love the Beverly MM also! But I can't choose b/t the MM and GM! They are both so CUTE!
  11. Have you seen/tried on the GM IRL?? It was so difficult to keep it on my shoulder without holding it in place!
  12. I hope you find your key holder!!
  13. I :heart: the Beverly, too! It's definetly on my wishlist! Oh..I hope you find your keyholder!:smile:
  14. I was actually at GSP two weeks ago and they had the key holder, but I wanted to pick it up at Short Hills since thats my usually store. I'm going to go check Riverside on Thursday (if it isn't going to rain bad) but I'm definitely going to check GSP again.
  15. I actually like the Short Hills store better. I don't know many of the SA's there at GSP and I usaully get weird looks walking in there. Short Hills I love because everyone is so nice and helpful there!