Today at Lunch...

  1. OK...I know you will understand. I just need to vent to my Coach family.

    While out to lunch with my girlfriend who has been my friend since high school says to me "Why do I still buy COACH handbags (laugh, laugh)...they are not designer you are 40 something years old!" (Coach Bag of chose for today was my Red leather lg carryall) I just looked at her and said "I love them and they have been my best friend forever." That was the end of more said about my handbag.

    Was I wrong, but as she sits with her "fake" LV (yes fake, I know), OK I feel a little bad and hurt.:shrugs:

    Thanks for reading.
  2. I can't imagine feeling offended by a remark coming from someone who carries a fake designer bag.

    IMO, your "friend" is jealous that you have real bag and she doesn't.

    I wonder why you would be friends with someone who:

    1. insults you like this to make herself feel better, and

    2. Promotes unfair trade practices, unfair labor practices, trademark infrigement and intellectual property theft by carrying a fake bag. :cursing:

    She doesn't have to love your handbag choices, but insulting them is out of line, considering her choice.
  3. Wow! If she's sitting there with a fake insulting your taste in bags then I wouldn't let it offend me. If she says something like that again I'd reply with, "well, they last longer than fake LV bags and aren't illegal!" That may shut her up. Whether she chooses to carry a fake bag or not, she still shouldn't be insulting about your choice of bags. Not a very nice friend, IMO. And I bet your bag was stunning! (Oh, and I would imagine that your Coach bag cost 4-5 times more than her fake)
  4. well said, coach4me! :yahoo:

    yes, that was pretty much uncalled for, from your "friend". don't let it bother you.
    anyone with the passion for style, will also have the grace not to make such rude comments about your own personal taste.

    hope you feel better :smile:
  5. also, well said tlloveshim! :yahoo:
  6. So are you supposed to be purchasing designer handbags, "at your age", or in general? Just to understand this better?

    What you should be purchasing now, are things (in this case bags) that YOU like that make you happy. And your friend should respect that regardless.
  7. you should've said "at least i'm carrying an authentic bag and it's more expensive than your fake LV!" hehehe meanie!
  8. wow, that sounds like such a rude thing for your friend to say. i wonder what makes people say such things sometimes.

    Personally, it's hard for me to let things slide off my back, but you should try to. I'm not even a LV fan and especially since her's is a fake you should wear your Coach proudly because not only is it real i bet a million bucks it's infinitely cuter!:heart:
  9. Don't let that rude comment ruin your day. Some people are just envious
    because they can't afford a real Designer bag and are reduced to having to buy a fake designer bag. You just keep on stylin in your lovely bag.:yes:

  10. I totally agree with hrimaliv - it's hard for me to let things like this just roll off myack, especiallly when coming from a so-called friend. I also can't believe that someone who's carrying a fake would criticize ANY bag, let alone an authentic Coach - I agree with the other ladies here who said that is probably from jealousy.

    And I just saw a woman the other day with a khaki mini sig bag and she was in her 70s, so I don't think there really is an age limit when you're talking about pages - just personal style.

    So sorry you had to deal with such a rude comment though. (((((hugs)))))
  11. That's so weird on premise even...

    Coach is known for being CLASSIC and appealing to all ages.

    I LOVE that about coach. Quality that will last!

    That was pretty rude, but also a completely off base arguement. She probably was just saying what she was thinking without considering how you might feel. Still, you'd think someone with a fake would be more humble about criticizing bags.

    Glad you could vent it here!
  12. Wow... some people's fowardness makes me sad. I'm sorry your friend said that to you. Don't let it get you down - we all love our purses as much as you and as long as they make YOU happy forget what she said!
  13. There is something to be said for buying items with prices within your monetary class, rather than pretending you have more money. It's just a matter of manners. I believe that this was far more important in the past than it is today, but I don't know what happened to change it.
  14. Thanks for your support...Me and my COACH handbag are going to try to forgive her.
  15. Uhm, what kind of purse should you be carrying at "your age?"
    I'm curious to hear your friend's answer.
    Also, have you told her about her fake bag?