today and previous purchases!

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  1. My roommate and I have the fever...I think I rubbed off on her and we've spent too much, but alas here is what we have so far:


    Sorry I don't know how to do the attachment thing!
  2. I love that ciao ciao. Now you have to get one too!!
  3. Nice! I really like that is it an olive cammo luna? Its nice!
  4. yes, it is! hehe. i like it.

    i haven't used it yet, which is ironic because before toki i traveled a lot, i must travel again.
  5. nice :biggrin:
  6. thank you i now covet her foresta ciao ciao i need one!
  7. :lol:
  8. now to plot what is next!
  9. awesome stuff, you big spenders, lol! i wish me and my future roomie did shopping sprees together...

    but my roomie is a boy. so it would rather be have him buy stuff for me. we'll see what happens. lmao:yahoo:
  10. oh, hehe. some was previously purchased, until today i had everything but the caramella and paradiso bag

    however, she in a week acquired the ciao ciao, both bambinones, and the caramella..hehe. we are bad.
  11. Love your collection!!
  12. haha congrats on your collecting... my roommate likes tokidoki but she thinks i've gone overboard :lol: she got one from her ex and then went w/ me to the mall and got 2 on sale... but that's about it :smile: I gave her one of my extra lesportsac qees I bought also but yeah it's cool that you and your roommie are into it together!
  13. your zucca inferno looks really nice!! lucky you!!
  14. wtf? I thought i commented on this? Grrr stupid RR. Anyways, nice collection you guys got there :biggrin:
  15. haha thanks to all! :smile:

    we're enjoying them!