Today, a ten-year dream of mine came true...

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  1. ...because today, my very first Hermes handbag arrived, delivered by the nicest FedEx person, lovingly sent from tPF's Shopmom411.

    For ten years, I have dreamed of owning an Hermes bag. My obsession started with the Kelly, then shifted to the Birkin, and is now back to the Kelly. For years, I read up on Hermes, debated whether or not to start an "Hermes" savings account. Talked to my husband about it; told him, one day I would own something Hermes. He laughed, but knew I was serious and always supported me.

    This year has been marked with a few life-changing events: my wedding in March to the love of my life, the passing of my dear sister in July, a huge professional success in November, which was the culmination of two years worth of work, and now yes, (I am lumping my Hermes acquisition into this "life-changing" category) the purchase of my very first Kelly bag. With the unexpected passing of my sister, she was thoughtful enough to leave some money to me and my younger sister. My husband and I talked for weeks about what to do with the money. Together we decided to invest most of it and put aside a small portion so I could do what I have always wanted to do: invest in a little piece of cultural history. And thanks to Shopmom, I did it. I got a 2002 32CM Chocolate Brown Mou Sellier Kelly in Togo with gold hardware. I debated about this bag, wasn't sure I liked the "Mou" part of the bag. Shopmom was incredibly patient with me and even gave me priority over someone else who was interested in it. In the end, I decided I wanted a "casual" Kelly. I want to carry it every day. I wanted something durable. So, on Saturday, I did it. And today, this morning, it arrived, even more beautiful than I imagined. I was so nervous about opening it, I actually left it on my dining room table, walking by it now and then. I waited like an hour!! LOL!! Anyway, I am sorry for going on and on like this, but I just had to share the incredible experiences that led up to this amazing acquisition.

    Thank you purse forum for giving me a chance to make my dream come true...thank you Shopmom for being an incredibly kind and generous person. I am sooo excited to carry this bag. And I will definitely post pictures soon.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: how wonderful!
    what a nice story. to you!:flowers: :cutesy:
  3. What a Lovely story Ozzy! Enjoy your wonderful, gorgeous bag.

    Shopmom is a sweetheart! You couldn't have purchased from a nicer person.
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    The Mou Kelly is wonderful and Shopmom is the best! So happy for you--can't wait to see pictures!
  5. I am so happy for you - congratulation on the beautiful bag!
  6. I feel your excitement! Congrats to you!!! And much love to Shopmom!


    Shopmom is a kind person and you were fortunate to deal with her!
  8. Great story! I'm incredibly happy for you!!!
  9. What a great story!! Congrats on a well deserving and beautiful Kelly! :yahoo:
  10. what a happy ending! congratulations on your new kelly!
  11. What a lovely story. Am sorry about your sister....
  12. Delightful story.
    Wonderful bag.
    Congratulations and Enjoy.
    Here's to you OM & Shopmom.
  13. First, Congratulations on your first Hermes!!!!!! I bet it is sooo special! Shopmom has always being great!!!! She is the best! It was really a nice story, I am sorry for your loss! I hope you are feeling better! Enjoy your new Hermes! Wow, I also dream about owning a Hermes one day too. I am going to start a savings account for Hermes!
  14. What a story. I love it. This is why I am a part of this!

    Shopmom, kudos to you for making some one so happy!!!

    Enjoy your new Kelly. Post pics. I can't wait to see them.
  15. enjoy, sweetie!
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