Toby's first time @ the dog beach!

  1. He had a BLAST! At first i was skeptical at letting him off the leash but i did and boy did he have a great time!

    YuCK! Salty! lol


    And he's off the leash!


    Galloping around like a horse!

    Ahhhh...nice cool sand...

    Water break!

    On the way home...all worn out!


    And the score isssss...Toby-0 Sleep-1
  2. Toby had a BIG day! I love all of your pictures! What a lucky dog!
  3. Awww!!!! What a sweetie!!!! He looks so happy!!!! You are too good to him!!!
  4. Aww!! What a cutieeeeee! Looks like he had alot of fun! I wish we had a dog beach here.
  5. The pictures say it all! Looks like he had a blast! I wish we had a dog beach near us as well.....
  6. awww, he looks like he had a blast!! Good for him!! So cute!! :heart:
  7. He is so cute and that smile aww:love: Looks like he had a great time!
  8. What a cutie face!!! You can tell he LOVED the beach.
  9. I find all of the pictures so cute. But I gotta tell you, that is the reason nobody should drink from a public faucet.
  10. awwwwwwwwwwww! these pics make my heart just melt :smile: he's sooo cute!
  11. OMG what a cutie! He is in great shape. Thanks for posting.
  12. I love the story that your pictures told and how he spent his day there! Ha! The sleeping pic at the end was so funny, I bet he really wore himself out (and you too probably!).
  13. SUCH cute pics!!!!

    What a lucky pup!!! Looks like he had a GREAT time!
  14. I love pugs!!!!!

    And Toby is a totally cute one.

    Aren't pugs the most fun dogs ever!?!
  15. OMG what a cutie.