Tobi return incentive

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  1. Mods, I hope this is the right forum . . .

    I was gonna title this "Tobi is getting desperate," but aside from the annoying way the email is written, it sounds like a good deal if you buy from Tobi enough.

    "I just wanted to take a minute to inform you of a new, preferred customers incentive program we are starting, and that you are eligible to take advantage of:

    Instead of refunding, we can process your return as a store credit. Doing so will not only save you the $5.00 return shipping fee, it will also help you earn up to 17% back in store credit, based on the subtotal of your original order.

    Check out how it works:

    For purchases: $150 & below = $25 store credit + purchase amount

    <wbr> $151 - $250 = $30 store credit + purchase amount

    <wbr> $251 - $350 = $35 store credit + purchase amount

    <wbr> $351 - $500 = $40 store credit + purchase amount

    <wbr> $501 & above = $50 store credit + purchase amount

    in other words, its free tobi money! Isn't that great?!?!?"
  2. I actually think this is a great idea! I've never purchased from Tobi but I like their selection. I'd be in HEAVEN if Revolve did this!
  3. ^^So would I!! I just don't shop enough in Tobi to want to tie up a large return with them. I'm also not sure how this works because I used a 30% off code originally. It would be worth checking whether you can still use discounts on this credit.