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  1. Does anyone have a coupon/discount code for There is a Mike & Chris hoodie (Mercer) that I want to get there since Revolve doesn't have my size :sad: .

    Any and all are appreciated........

  2. The only code that I could find is...hitobi...for 10% off your first order. I tried it to make certain that it works!
  3. Either "grechen" or "toutie" work for 10% off.
  4. Thank you...I will try those.

    Off to do some shopping on company time!!!

  5. tobifaf2 gives you 25% off non-sale merchandise.
  6. Thank you....

  7. does anyone know when the tobifaf2 code expires?
  8. Hi pl888...that's an awesome code! Do you mind my asking where you found it? Thanks.:tup:
  9. Code TOBIFAF2 is good through the month of September, so I assume until September 30th. And I don't know where pl888 got hers, but I'm friends with Shop Tobi on (:shame:smile: and they left me a comment with the discount code!
  10. Thank you so much! They have a cashmere sweater by Velvet that I wanted from Revolve, but Revolve sold out just as I was going to get it. Even better, Tobi has it in better colors. The 25% off was just what I needed.
  11. Thank you!
  12. It's a friends and family code. One of my friends told me...not sure her source!

    Glad lots of people were able to use this!
  13. pbi, it's GRECHEN10 or TOUTIE10 for 10% off also...(it was posted wrong up above) :smile:
  14. tobifaf2 still works, and they'll let you use it more than once! I got my first order pretty much the next day, and loved the sweater, so decided to get it in another color (along with a bunch of other stuff.)
  15. tobifaf2 still works too.. :smile: thank you for sharing the code! u guys rock!