Tobi and White Nikki - Please Help


Apr 1, 2008
Hi ladies. I'm a long time lurker and first time poster. :smile:

I've been dying for a RM and saw a beautiful white Nikki on Tobi on Friday and ordered one for a steal. After receiving an order confirmation stating that the bag should be shipped in 48 hours, I patiently waited for my tracking number but NOTHING showed up. I logged into my Tobi account today to find that they have CANCELLED my order. When I called them up, they said they tried to email me (I recieved nothing in my email account nor spam folder about this -- only a welcome email, a 10% discount email, and my order confirmation all on Friday) saying that my card was denied. I called my bank and they don't understand why it would be denied. The salesperson and her manager I spoke to were helpful, but now my bag is not in stock and they said that they'll try to find me one. I've searched everywhere on the Internet and have not found another white bag...what are the chances of me getting my hands on one?

The pessimistic side of me thinks: does this sound suspicious? Like maybe they didn't have one in stock and now are pinning it on my card? I'm just so upset by this as I've been dying for a white bag for the summer and nothing would have been better than a white Nikki.

So distraught... My first RM experience marred. :tdown:


Jan 10, 2008
Did they accept any other payment methods?

There are some new prefall colors coming out. I believe that there just might be a Nikki that is in white.


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
Sorry to hear this!

However the new prefall line has a white in it which will be available for preorder soon! Label360 i beleive will honor 25% off for us as well ;)