Tobago shoe bag

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  1. Has anyone seen the tobago shoe bag for men? Based on the picture, I think it will make a nice handbag. Any comments?
  2. I totally agree, I am have been eyeing it for awhile now but haven't seen one in person. Would be interested in seeing what others think as well.
  3. hmm, interesting concept here.

    do you have a pic?
  4. check out the louis vuitton website. It opens with a male model and the tobago shoe bag beside him. There are three colors, black, brown and blue.
  5. I :love: that bag. I think someone posted before that its from the fall 06' line. I've forgotten what the retail is on it though.
  6. It's kind of cute, but it just doesn't seem too practical.

  7. I really like this...if I had the money

  8. I have this bag in tan and it can also fit on my shoulder;) I went to see the LV stamped bag and am waiting for the brown to arrive. The gray was very nice too:heart:
    Picture 108.jpg IMG_1235 (2).jpg
  9. Shalomjude, how much did you get the tobago?
  10. LV costs more here in Aus...I think they are around 1200 euros???
  11. I love this bag!
  12. It's 1710 brand new USD
  13. im SO gonna get the black Tobago shoe bag coming out later this year! :love:
  14. aaarrgghhh!!! US$1710 just for a shoebag???? But it looks soooo cute...
  15. It is quite a large bag too....the blue is a really nice colour too:biggrin: