Tobago Obsession

  1. Hi guys!! Does anyone have the yellow Tobago carryall or the keepall?? I'm falling madly in love with it!:heart::heart::heart:
    I've always been unsure about the u think yellow is a little bit to "feminine"? Also, is a carryall too big as a daily bag? What do u think??
    Pics Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx so much!!!!!:push:
  2. as long as you don't tie a scarf bow or hang pretty charms you're fine ;) i use my Ouvea Carryall as an everyday bag. not once did it feel or look luggagey to me.
  3. hahaha:p! Thanx Mr. D!;)
  4. I dont think its too fem at all, Mr duck is right. I love the blue and the red too. I have been trying to stop myself from getting a tobago keepall and so far I have been successful, but it calls to shoe bag calls to me too but it just seems like I wont use it.
  5. I adore tobago and I think the blue carryall would be a good option too as it is more year-round colour than yellow....I think the carryall can be used as everyday bag:heart:
  6. I have the blue keepall, had the yellow, exchanged it for my red LV jacket :smile: you won't regret your purchase, the bags are amazing! for daily use go for the carryall, keepall is not so much for daily use :smile:
  7. Thanks guys!!!!!
  8. i once had a chance to get a blue Tobago Carryall, but i realize that i won't have much chances to use it in daily life,so i give it up.But i do Love Tobago collection,especially yellow and blue.
  9. I have a blue keepall, but its more a luggage for short trips.