tobago line discontinued?

  1. hey guys. i was browsing the LV website and found out that the tobago line is gone! is it finally discontinued? any information about this? i was hoping i could still buy the tobago shoe bag in the next few months and now it is all gone??? :sad:
  2. really oh no that is such a nice line, can anyone confirm??
  3. well it is already gone but I am sure you could still find that bag if you want
  4. So, it's offically discontinued now???
  5. I wanted the shoe bag as well... eBay price is +2000USD
  6. its a seasonal line, but there might still be a few pieces around. the Collins St boutique here had a yellow Carryall on display last week.
  7. I am looking for a pocket organizer in Tobago.
    Has anyone ran across one recently?
  8. I love this line.
  9. oh, i never knew that the tobago was a seasonal line, i thought it was like taiga and other leather series where it is i am beginning to regret why i didn't buy the shoe bag over the goyard croisiere...hope i could still get one in the future...
  10. They stopped PRODUCING it a few months ago since it is s/s 2006, then the black was released. So they made the black a few months longer but its off the site and you will only find selective pieces if ANY are still around.
  11. if youre still interested dadeland mall in miami has one. bal harbour had the blue carryall too. Im going tomorrow though to get the black one :smile:
  12. there should be some pieces around... last week i saw a red tobago carryall at my store..

    though lately i haven't seen the shoe bag.. :sad:

    good luck!
  13. There are some pieces available for sure, but u'd be hard pressed to find the shoebag it was REALLY popular but u just have to call specific stores sometimes cuz 866 VUITTON is not exactly always reliable.
  14. Ok I know this is a longshot but has anyone seen a yellow tobago keepall anywhere?
  15. oops misread the last post