Tobago leather owners

  1. My first tobago piece arriving this week. Its a black pocket organizer, I will post a pic when I get it. Ive only seen tobago leather in pictures, I hope I made a good choice. It looks to be a very rugged leather, I love monogram, but wanted to change things up. Tell me more about attributes of tobago please
  2. > the leather is quite "smooshy"
    > it is VERY similar to Hermes clemence leather. an Hermes SA did a double take when i walked past the H boutique one day.
    > it is very resilient and water proof
    > it doesn't get creases
    > you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth
    > you don't see it around much
    > i like the scent of it too

    i really love Tobago and i consider it the men's Suhali. i hope they release more models in the future :yes: congrats on your pocket organizer!
  3. thanks for the great info, I cant wait for it now. And the leather has a nice aroma, another bonus!
  4. My only negative thought is being such a small item, it will not look as distinctive as monogram canvas. ie almost nobody knows it an LV piece
  5. Gratulations on your new piece.

    Thanks for the info on it. I usually hate the winter collection for men and love the summer, but this year it seems like i will hate the summer collection too. So I thought about getting a Tobago before it's out of stock! I really want a carryall, because I kind of already have the other stuff, or perhaps a small keep all. I was thinking about one in blue. Problem is though I probably won't be able to get to it before it's too late. I also love the shoe Bag and would actually rather get that, but I don't know how roomy it is. Anyone knows?

  6. i have the blue shoe bag and it is VERY roomy. it can hold a ton of stuff. my only (very minor) gripe about it is that it doesn't have any pockets. but i can live with that :yes: it's one of my all-time faves.
  7. I love my tobago shoe bag too;) The leather is really care-free and quite light too. Congrats on your purchase...can't wait to see photos:heart:
  8. I wonder if they are releasing more? and if they are, are they going to continue with the colors available (but it seems the three colors available (excluding black) have stopped being produced) or will there be new colors and styles? Hmm I wonder but I have an inkling it will stay longer, as they did release the black for fall winter.
  9. :yes: ITA!
  10. I was told that all 4 colors have already been discontinued and once they're gone, that's it. But discontinued things can still be found, even if the system says there aren't anymore.
  11. HEY Modokislayer! Good to see you around here again! Haha I was wondering where you went! Added anything new to your beautiful collection lately? Thanks for the info about the tobago again! :flowers:
  12. Tobago is HOT!
  13. how does tobago compare to utah? like.. texture/feel wise?
  14. Tobago is softer than Utah if you ask me. But then it seems like the Black Tobago is stiffer than the rest of the original colors. Anyone have bags in both black and the original color Tobagos? :p

    Also, Tobago reminds me of stronger rougher version of the Togo leather they use at Hermes.
  15. I was told I bought the last Tobago organizer in stock at the time I ordered from elux