Tobago Club

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  1. Just recieved my new tobago organizer. pics to follow. Show off your tobago!
  2. my current #1 fave bag:

  3. Great bag DD, imo tobago looks much nicer than pictures can show, I am happy with my purchase. Tobago is really a very elegant leather imo. My organizer is my favorite small LV item so far!
    IMG_0755.JPG IMG_0753.JPG
  4. MY shoebag:p LoVe tobago:love:
    22nd Jan 2007 005.jpg

  5. woo-hoo :wlae: want to swap bags every couple of months?
  6. Those are gorgeous! The leather looks like butter!
  7. Very hot bags. :drool:
  8. ooo, yay. I can join here also! My Yellow Tobago Carryall

  9. That is stunning:love:
  10. Modo.. your carryall is to die for... These are Hot!!
  11. i wanna get one in red... but i doubt if Sydney has them
  12. :crybaby: I wanna join too...
  13. OT.. Mr Duck.. I love your Fur scarf too!!

    I was trying to see if they had it at Sydney, but we've only got the white m/c fur scarf in store
  14. all wee need now is someone with a red Tobago piece and we'll have all the colours represented :yes:

    thanks. it's hibernating inside its box for now waiting for winter.... i hope we get snow this year ;)
  15. Love your Tobago!!:love::yahoo: