tobacco!!! not toffee

  1. sorry guys...i meant tobacco not toffee!! has anyone seen it just a darker chocoloate?? im reallie liking it so far :smile:!

    mods please delete my last post! thanks
  2. The color looks pretty but I like chocolate better - I think I'm bias since getting mine! I wonder if anyone here has this bag irl? I'd love to see pics! :heart:
  3. I closed your other thread!:flowers:
  4. A Chloe SA told me this new color does not have reddish undertones, but is brown with a slight purplish undertone.
  5. I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like...I am partial to chocolate though.
  6. Rollergirl- Did the Chloe store actually have the bag, or were they just describing what they thought it might look like? I really think I might like this color.

    Audrey, you know I love your chocolate, but because I have the Prada, I want to stay away from the reddish undertones. If Chloe NY has it in stock, you know I might try to bribe you to take a look at it!!!
  7. I was asking for a description, and assumed the Chloe (NYC) person was basing her statements on seeing the color IRL. But I am assuming. I moved on to other ways to be bad, because I am loyal to my original chocolate bag!
  8. I see what you mean about the Prada. :yes: I might be going down there this week. If they have it I'll give you my report hun!! :heart:
  9. the color on NAP looks gorgeous...i wish someone has seen it in real life!