To Zip or Not to Zip....

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Do you need a bag with a zippered closure?

  1. Yes, of course! Keeps things safe and inside.

  2. No, of course! I like to reach in and reach out.

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  1. Do you perfer bags that have a top zipper closure? Or one that doesn't?

    Maybe it's b/c I'm a NYer (never mind that we currently live in NJ) but I feel like I NEED a bag that has a zipper closure. I have tried bags that don't have it but I feel like it's so easy for anyone to reach in.

    What about you?
  2. Hi Judie: I have zipper bags and flap bags but don't really like either style for "ease of entry". My favorite is a magnet closure.:shrugs:
  3. doesn't make a difference to me if a bag has a zipper or not. I noticed with my Speedys, I normally don't keep the bag zipped up anyways.
  4. I like the security of a Zipper.

    I don't care for a Zipper with a flap over it.

    I don't mind a magnetic snap.

    Don't like open-air totes.......too exposed.
  5. I also don't like open tops, it makes me feel like the contents could fall out at any second.
  6. I actually love a bag that slouches open when I set it down, and rarely zip up the bags that have one! I would likely feel differently if I still lived in NY (makes sense to want to zip up on the subway & walking in crowd, etc.) but since I live in LA my bag is mostly on the passenger seat, on desk, table, etc...and when I am out I like easy access to my bag's contents, since I am the mom of a toddler :smile:
  7. When I lived in New York City, I liked a zippered bag for the subways. Now that I live in the country -- I don't need a zipper. I notice that when I do use a zippered bag...I rarely zipper it up. But I do travel with a zippered Gucci messenger for precisely that reason: security.
  8. i like zippered tops and all of my bags have them....although i never zip them up, so i guess i like it to be there just in case but am too lazy to actually zip it up 99% of the time;)
  9. I used to be zip or flaptop hands down 100%. Now, after a year here on tPF I have lightened up considerably and have a good number of open top bags :tup:

    But, it depends on the situation:
    For travel, I need a zip top bag for security reasons.
    And, where I live it is not great weather much of the year so open topped bags are not a good thing.

    But, if it's bad weather and I'm just going to the mall or running errands I would definitely grab an open topped bag.
    If I have a zip top with me, it's zipped! I can't carry something unzipped, reminds me of having my fly open or something, LOL.
  10. I need a zipper bag, esp since I live in a city. I don't think I would ever be comfortable with an open or magnetic close bag. Maybe a flap, but only if it's secure.
  11. it depends on the bag - if it's a larger bag that's pretty deep, I tend to keep the zipper open (like my gustto setela or gryson olivia) - if it's a smaller bag w/o much depth (which would make it easy for someone to reach inside), I tend to keep it zipped.
  12. I generally stay away from open top bags (except for huge beach bags). While buckles, clasps and other adornments are cute, I find them too much of a hassle to deal with so I don't go for those on everyday bags. I so like a zipper of some sort because I travel a lot and I always have to throw my bag under the seat in front of me or on the security belt.
  13. Zippered or flap but def closed, I'd feel naked otherwise!
  14. I prefer my bags to have zipper top. I tried the open top and just got paranoid the whole time.
  15. Definitely zippers. Have even added zippers to some bags. It makes me feel secure.