To You?

  1. What do people think about the new FF print TO YOU bag?
  2. I don't know which bag that is. Do you have a pic?
  3. I can't copy the picture, but this bag is on the ShopVogue.TV site. You have to look at the Fendi ad. : )
  4. personally i like , not sure that would purchase but i can admire it on others... it just isn't for me... but then i say that and perhaps in couple months ... well you know how that goes am sure.
  5. Not a fan personally but i think a few of the ladies are. Do a search, I think there were a couple of thread that might be of interest to you. :smile:
  6. You won't catch me with that one I am afraid...:tdown:
  7. I'm kinda into it. It wouldn't work with much... but I'm drawn to something about it.
  8. Is this the convertable bag? If so, I'm not really feeling it. ok as a clutch I guess
  9. Can you post a link to the site/page the bag is on?