To you lucky ladies with the new patent GST?

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  1. Hi there,

    How do you feel that patent would hold up as an everyday bag?
    Its so beautiful and I would like to use it as an everyday bag, but I heard the patent was delicate?
    (I'm careful with my bags)

    - does the burgandy show fingerprints?
    any thoughts would be appreciated :smile:
  2. :wondering anyone?
    The saks egc is happening today so I hoping to get some input before splurging:shrugs:
  3. I saw a few pics of the new patent GST's. They're really lovely, BUT I did notice I could see reflections of thumb prints on them. Smooth patent like they used on the GST tends to hold fingerprints easily. The distressed/crinkled patent from last year doesn't hold fingerprints the same way that the new patent does. Patent as a whole is very sturdy, and even easier to take care of than caviar leather IMO. I have two Chanel patent bags (both distressed patent) and they just wipe clean of everything! It's basically waterproof and stainproof from the get go. Some people say the patent can get sticky if you don't store it correctly, which depends a lot on your climate. I live in Hawaii and haven't had any problems with my patent bags yet, but neither of them are over a year old.
  4. thanks Missisa07 - I appreciate your thoughts.
    I just talk to a gal who told me the patent was thin and the it would get fingernail scratches easy - so heck I'm going to wait and see them in person :smile:
  5. I don't think patent is delicate. It has some pecular storage needs but I think it's second to caviar in terms of durability. The new GST is not as structured or stiff as the old GST. I'm using my new GST so will report back tomorrow!
  6. oh thanks Regina - research & report back.
    You had a white with gold hardware that was tempting me :smile:
  7. I saw the patent today......gorgeous!!! It looked pretty durable to me and very structured.
  8. even if such a large patent bag were my cup of tea, the fingerprints would really bug me.
  9. The patent looks really gorgeous but I think it's a little too structured for me. The GST can be a "boxy" for some people; with the patent it's even "boxier", JMHO. A patent flap would be a different story though... :love:
  10. ^^Me too. I'm a compulsive housekeeper as it is, nevermind cleaning my bags!
  11. I tried it on a week ago and tried to deliberately fingerprint it and couldn't.
    It didn't feel thin at all, it was GORGEOUS!