To You Convertible Bag

  1. Okay, so i'll be honest..i've never really liked a Fendi bag before.. so when i saw this bag for preorder on i was shocked how much i loved it.

    Has anyone seen this bag in person? It just seems both unique and practical and very functional as both a day bag and a clutch which seems unusual for these 'two in one' styled bags. Very modern.

    What does everyone else think? This bag has really caught me off guard!

    I'll admit i'm most attracted to the technicolor one as well, just seems like such a fun unique bag! Would love to carry this in the dead of winter while wearing all black or even just with jeans and a white tshirt:shame:


    and in suede..

  2. [​IMG] I think i'm digging it in Black now too :smile:
  3. Hmmm...hadn't seen that one yet...I'm not sure I like it as a shoulder bag, but as a clutch it is really cute :yes: The brightly colored one would look great with a simple outfit. I'm not a fan of the suede one seems a little boring.
  4. Pretty cute! This must be an interesting bag as it inspired two different threads by non-Fendi-fans. Trama Turgo also made and appearance here to praise this bag.

    I love em!
  5. I'm now strongly considering the technicolor bag for my single fall purchase instead of another Balenciaga(Day style((hobo)) in a yellow color). I already have four different Balenciaga's, two Marc Jacobs, and a YSL so i'm thinking this may make a nice addition.. the more i see it the more i like it! Plus, keeping in mind how prices seemed to really jump this F/W season, this bag seems priced pretty generously all things considered..
  6. Earlier this summer, a Fendi SA told me this was going to be the new IT bag as far as Fendi insiders were concerned. She said the buzz on them was huge.

    I think it's an awesome looking bag. Not sure if it's for me, but I do think it's got that wearable high-fashion look that Fendi does really well.
  7. sorry, its a nay for me..
  8. My SA also says this is the IT bag but I'm not really feelin' it. I like it as a clutch only, can't see it as a shoulder bag. So it's way overpriced for a clutch.

    Would really have to see it IRL.
  9. Oh, I love this bag and have been seriously considering it! :heart::heart::heart:

    But I only like it as a clutch - like most convertible bags, I think they usually only really work as one, or the other (and sometimes neither!).
  10. I also love the multi colour version of this! Just wondering when its used as a clutch does the handle just hang down on one side? wont that look silly?
  11. I love this bag it is so original.
  12. I think they are fugly monsters!
  13. I like the clutch not so much on the shoulder.

  14. Ah, very good point! :yes:

    Why can't it just be a clutch - why did they have to try to get clever?! :shrugs:
  15. Not for me - too big, even as a clutch.