to whomever who owns a toyota prius or rav4?

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  1. i'm not a car person so i just picked based on cuteness... haha. i originally wanted a prius... but my boyfriend, best friend, and mom are convincing me that rav4 is better for me. they think i'll be safer in a bigger car. in the end, either is fine... they'll both get me to where i want... but yea, what do you love and hate about your car?
  2. i wouldn't choose a prius based upon "cuteness"

    i would choose it for mpg

    if "cute" is your deciding factor, i'd go with the rav4
  3. i personally find the prius cuter.

    i wasn't thinking when i posted... i guess i should have mentioned that talking to the toyota mechanic, they were pushing for me to get the rav4 more even though it has better mpg. since it was my mom talking to the mechanic, i don't exactly know what he said. but i was also told my a different person that prius maintenance is costly. i just wanted to know the truth in all that.

    oops! i should've mentioned this first in my original post. =)
  4. I replaced my Lexus with a Prius, just for the mpg - I drive about 750 miles a week, so it matters. (I actually thought the Prius was hideous at first, but I've grown to like it.) I don't find that the maintenance is expensive at all. There is one downside, because it's so computerized - if you have an accident or need body repairs, it can affect the computer system in unexpected ways. I managed to smash up the passenger side (all my fault, stupid, nobody hurt) and the body work was pretty straightforward, but it took a couple of visits to get all the computer bits working correctly again - little connectors that got loosened, things like that. But really, if you avoid driving into things (!!) it's pretty trouble-free.
  5. I thought the rav4 was cute that was why I got it. :P When I got my car I wanted a small SUV and the rav4 is considered to be one. Although when I got my rav4 they just changed the style of it so it was bigger than the one that Toyota sold the previous year. Initially I was upset that it was slightly bigger but I absolutely love the car now. I personally prefer SUV's because when I am in a taller car, I can see the road better. I also liked the safety ratings it received, it really is safe. I would know because I had a little accident early this year. The car got dinged :cursing: but I had no injuries. Besides my little accident I have had no trouble with my car. LOL I know other people with rav4's and they also love it.

    Have you test driven either the rav4 or the prius? That should help you decide. But as a note.... have you decided what options you wanted? For example, my car has a V6 engine and when it was in the shop after the accident I got a rav4 loaner that had no V6 engine and believe me I felt the difference. :Push:
  6. I loved my never had any problems and was a joy to park.
  7. i just posted this elsewhere, but i LOVE my prius! definitely go with a prius - you won't be disappointed! :smile:
  8. my oldest son has a used 1998 rav4 - bought for him in 2002- he was 16 - we bought it with 75k mileage - he was 3rd owner.... he has driven over 30k miles on it for college and it is still going strong. and he is 10 hours away from home too. that is reliablity! i have a landcruiser and my DH drives an avalon. on the other hand my niece just bought a prius and loves it! her mom wants one now. test drive both and decide. you can't go wrong with a toyota. personally i'd prefer the rav4 - suv's can hold more and you sit above normal traffic.
  9. My mom has a Rav..she loves it ;)

    I almost bought the Rav but it was more $ than a Celica so I went w/that one...
    I really don't think you can go wrong w/a Toyota..& like someone else said, look at fuel economy & what you really want in the vehicle.

  10. Nice car! :tup: I've got one in the garage just like it!
  11. Ok, I think Toyota cars are great. I drive Lexus (my 2nd one.) They are made by Toyota.

    Now, on to the RAV4. I did have one in 04. I was hit from behind when I stopped at a yellow light. The car behind me hit me at about 50 mph. The wheel that sits on the back of the RAV4 on the outside crashed the top back hatch. I ended up with a lot of glass sticking out of the back of my head.

    The body shop said that can be a dangerous part of wheels that sit on the back
    door. The car was considered a total.

    Just something to consider.

    As far as looks go, I would still buy a RAV over a Prius.
  12. Why not get a Camry or Corolla? Both are cheaper

    Actually, how bout a Jetta?? :smile:
  13. i tihnk charles has a good idea. while both of them are nice cars, i wouldnt drive either because i prefer a bigger car. however my mom has a camry that she uses for long distances (for mpg) and she tested a prius last year and absolutly loved it and wishes she had bought it then before the prices on them shot up. however with that being said your going to pay over msrp on a prius and most likely be able to get a better deal on a rav4 because its an SUV. a camry or corolla is a cute car and they look good with the sport package.
  14. Oh, I was serious about the Jetta too. Their clean diesel model is 22k and gets 30/41 mpg
  15. We bought a Prius a few months ago for my DH and we both love it!! I wish it were my car even though I have a 1 year old Honda CR-V which I also love. I just love everything about the Prius including the keyless remote! My DH has a two hour round trip to work/home, so MPG was key in choosing the Prius but he also liked it because it's environmentally friendly. It's also very roomy. We're looking forward to driving the Prius on a long car trip - maybe to Vegas soon.

    Test drive both cars and do some research and pick what's best for you!!! You'll be driving the car for awhile, so choose what YOU want!!!