To Whomever got that BIN

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  1. To whoever purchased the original ciao BIN for $59.99 + $12 shipping, while I stared at it and thought about what my boyfriend would think, especially since that's the exact opposite of the black/original ciao i have currently..... but :drool:
    You made a good purchase; I acted too slowly...but now I see how messed up the hardware is and am sort-of glad I didn't buy it, so, actually, thank you for not letting me spend more money on things I don't ...need.:yes:
    Also, I had to sign up for eBay again since I can't get into my old account & eBay won't send me my password!! :sad:
  2. whoa! thats hella cheap! congrats to whoever got that!!!
  3. Crazy cheap, right? That's why I was staring at it like.. 'I shouldn't buy it I shouldn't buy it.. ' and I went back and it was gone. I wonder how long it was even up for.. but the hardware is a bit messed up, much like my black ciao. They could have been fraternal twins. Oh, sad.
  4. yeah that was crazy cheap! heck I would probably think about getting it if I saw it too :lol: but I didnt :P ....well better luck next time :biggrin: oooh i just checked it out ...and that name looks familar... Lattegrl is that you ???? congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. LOL, it was me. Its actually perfect for me and I'm happy its used. I have this weird thing about my Original Print bags and using them. I want to use them but I just can't because I feel like they are my collectors items. I know that probably sounds dumb but I just dont want to use them. So buying a used toki bag means that I get to use it. So in my mind it was perfect and it was cheap. I honestly don't like the colored hardware on the original print bags so If it all came off one day, I wouldnt care. I cant wait to get it :yahoo:Thanks guys!
  6. LOLz, Lattegrl you're funny!
  7. I'm :nuts:! I've ordered 3 bags in the past two days and I got 3 bags last week. I have issues:Push:Thats why I'm selling stuff on LJ, I told myself that everytime I buy something new I have to sell something I haven't used. I'm trying so hard to be good.
  8. Dude, i'm CRAZY!!!! I ordered a canguro that won't fit around my waist... pregnancy.. fatness... hahahaha whatever.

    I ordered a bracioletto.... I have no idea why b/c I seriously doubt I will use it

    AND it's taking all of my will power to NOT buy bags i'm not even that in love with!

    TRUE ADDICT. Hahahahaa
  9. LOLL we have some crazy addicts here on tPF!! :P!!
  10. yeah arent well all :lol:
  11. You can wear it across your back :yes:
  12. LatteGrl, I wonder how much has your collection grown since the last count of 29... :graucho:If you're ever thinking of letting go any Playground stuff please LMK.. :yes: Congrats on the good deal! Do you have a link to the eBay listing, just wanna see how it looks like

    MamaxJam - Just think of it as a present for yourself after the baby is born - you're just preparing yourself to be a Toki Mom - Im sure the Canguro will be useful when you're running around with the little ones :smile:
  13. Congratz LatteGrl, u are our toki :queen: and MamaxJam also! u can use ur canguro after your baby is born :rolleyes:
  14. ah, congrats, Lattegrl! You're the one that saved me money! haha.:angel: I really want something with the original print on the outside[since i have the opposite of that ciao] but i also want the meomi qee, which was another reason I wasn't sure about getting that one. I completely understand buying a used one to be able to use it though.

    Also, how come Ciaos cost $120 new now, when they were $96 when I purchased mine from way back when? Did everything go up in price?