To What extremes have you gone to obtain an LV bag, accessory or shoe?

  1. I wanted a white MC speedy sooooooo badly when it first came out, I actually called every LV store in the states and Hawaii while I was at work to track one down !!!
    Crazy, huh ??!!!! :nuts:
  2. I tracked everyday on eBay for an MC heart coin purse. So far I hadn't find one yet so I'm still looking. But when I meant "everyday", that's morning and evening. I never know they exist until I see picture on TPF.
  3. Hmm...I checked eBay multiple times a day for my older discontinued Inclusion pieces (black/beige rings and PM bracelets, rose ring/PM bracelet and yellow ring).
    Oh and back when the MC Pochettes first came out, I got the black one but desperately wanted a white one too. My friend had said that she saw one in the store here (I was at school when she told me) so I called my mom but my store was sold out so she called around for one. She finally found one at the Beverly Hills store and it was shipped down here.
  4. not crazy...persistance pays off! I am always on eBay...daily. Love to shop in the privacy of my own home. It's kind of fun, the chase I mean. Big adrenaline rush when you find "it".
  5. I'm currently stalking eBay for a beige inclusion bracelet.
  6. Millionaires - a tpfer in the states ordered them at her store which ordered them from Paris. So they went Paris to USA to UK. Before the store actually said they could get them I'd tried New York, Canada, South America & Dubai.

    Limelight - there is a whole thread about it BF spent about 2 weeks on the phone calling various stores in UK & Europe trying to locate one I was almost going to have one sent from New York but I found one on ebay just a tiny bit over retail

    Miroir lockit - spent months trying to confirm an allocation with my store unfortunately it never happened but I'd backed up at a second store

    I guess you could say i'm determined lol
  7. i bought something and paid for it with my moms checking account and it bounced some things. she wasnt that mad though and i just gave her the cash plus fees.
  8. ^^oh...and i knew it was going to bounce. (as you can dads the one that gets the paycheck in the family....haha...hes lucky it wasnt his account, i would have gone crazy.) i seriously have a problem and need to go to some sort of shopping rehab...
  9. I knew I needed the Kirsten so I waitlisted at my store as soon as possible. I was #3 or so on the list and knew that meant I would need to do some leg work on my own, i.e. work the waitlist nation wide to get my bag! LOL! I went on a man hunt to find that bag and it paid off! I was able to get 2, one for me and one for my mom. I spent hours on the phone tracking and talking with managers trying to lock down the bags and it was tense for a while! LOL! I stilll adore the bag today so I guess it was worth it!
  10. Missed the Miroir Speedy, didn't think i would like it, how silly am i? Still not over it. Called from UK to stores in Europe, USA & even Japan. Huge phone bill, much angst with languages & still no silver Speedy :sad:
  11. not yet, but im sure im going to get crazy.

    lol :smile:
  12. Uh... I've gone into debt, but I'm not sure that qualifies as crazy... LOL!!
  13. For my damier Sophie I was calling my poor SA weekly to check my status on the waiting list. Since I had no previous purchase history in Hawaii they couldn't do a charge send. Finally my trip to Oahu was happenning and my SA was holding me one. I went straight from the airport to the LV boutique...with all my luggage still in the rental car!
  14. I almost missed my plane!