To what extreme for a Birkin?


Mar 9, 2006
Okay everyone...thought we needed a new thread going for some fun. I have read so many stories everyone is going through and how they are nuts trying to get their Birkins. So, I said to myself I should ask in a thread....

"What would you do to get a Birkin"?

For me, I would have to say I would make a call to my girlfriend that I was best friends with for a large part of my life. She married a man nearly 20 years older than her, but he is not just any man. He is one of the wealthiest hispanic men in the nation. She is now very well connected and insanely wealthy. She is a socialite now and in the most well connected circles. I think she would be my quickest shot at getting a Birkin at Hermes. Her name would rise her to the top of that long list. I think it is funny too because not too long ago she was shopping at TJ Maxx for bargains. Life is funny....
:lol: :lol: :lol:

If I'm really desperate, then I'd call up a friend of mine back in my home country who's very well connected, even to the president, and ask to get me one! But I'm not that desperate and also since Hermes is more expensive in Asia, I prefer to save the extra cost and get myself something else at Hermes :biggrin:

Right now, I'm just trying to call A LOT of Hermes stores to check out what they have and I intend to visit every Hermes store when I'm travelling :nuts: Simple as that :suspiciou
^^ Wow, that's cool.

Basically I'm going to save until I can afford one, keep that money separate, then put myself on the wait list. I don't personally know any insanely wealthy people, unfortunately, even in the medical community ("rich doctors" are a complete misconception).

I don't know if this will get me an Ostrich or Croc Birkin, but I want to believe that persistence (dotted with frequent accessories purchases) will pay off.
La Van, you sound like it on your own and even try to get the most for your money! Love it!

Clanalois, I have the money saved already...lucky for me, BUT...I can't seem to get to Hermes to find out what the deal is in my area. If I am lucky I am going in two weeks time. I won't get an ostrich or a croc, but a regular Chevre leather would do me just fine. Time will tell.
:biggrin: ;) Kellybag!

I personally think it's so much fun to check out the stores and see what they have ... the different leathers, colors, etc. At least in the stores I've visited in Europe, I've never encountered a snotty SA. Also, by calling, it's so interesting how each SA reacts. It's a test in communication skills :lol: :lol: :lol: So far, most of the shops that I called were super friendly :biggrin:, except for the one in NYC ... they hang up on me!
Do they really hang up in New York? Wow! I guess I could exprect that.

I live in South Florida and we have a ton of transplants from New York. They are some of the rudest people. I must say...NOT ALL OF THEM, but many of them that I encounter on a daily basis. (please son't fry me any New Yorkers out there)

La you ever call the Palm Beach store or the Bal Harbor store? Just wondered what they tell you and how they treat you.
Gotcha, La Van...hey, since we are talking...what are you looking to buy? Give me the stats. If I see it at my store(s) when I go I can PM you immediately. Possibly, you could call and purchase or we could work something out.
Thanks a bunch Kelly! I'm looking for a blue jean or potiron/orange ostrich, 30cm, palladium hardware :smile: But you'll never know. Maybe another color pops up and it takes my heart lol!

And you?
I'd probably pull a favor from my ex. His family owns a rather sizable pharmaceuticals company in Japan and I'm sure he could get anything. That would be LAST RESORT though, wouldn't want him thinking I wanted him back :lol:
Noriko, your response made me laugh...I'll take the Birkin favor, but I don't want you back!!! Gotta love that...when it is over in a woman's mind it it over.

La Van I will keep that in my never know!
Mine would be to ask my future mother-in-law. I think she is probably one of the VIPs at Hermes since she has a few birkins of different sizes and styles and she got her friends some as well. But i would not really want to do that.