To what extent are you influenced by the forum?

  1. Has this blog ever changed your opinion of a bag, a color, a leather? Led you either to like something or dislike something, buy or request something or take it off your shopping list? Conversely, have you found yourself resistant to certain consensus views on the forum? Do tell! Inquiring minds want to know.

    I'll go first:
    The forum has positively influenced me toward the color etoupe.
    The forum has not negatively influenced me toward anything I was fond of before.
    The forum has had no influence on my disinclination for exotics or bright colors.
  2. This dam forum enables me too much, when i need to save lol.
    This forum influences my leather choices.

    i cant think of anymore for now
  3. Great thread!
    The forum has positively influenced me re: the charms of the Medor style, and has enabled many unnecessary scarf purchases.
    The forum has not negatively influenced me toward anything I was fond of before.
    The forum has failed to convince me to consider swift for any bag with structure, and of the longevity of this leather.
  4. I have been influenced alot -- but in the sense that I have been able to see so many more colors, sizes and styles modeled by members -- it has opened my eyes and helped me figure out what I like and don't like.
  5. This forum has influenced me a lot in leather choice (made me go towards box leather for my first kelly). The forum's never negatively influenced me on a style though.
  6. jedimaster, awesome thread.

    *Through this forum I......

    *Learned if I can only have one H bag in my lifetime, I want
    a Bolide.
    *Learned to appreciate scarves.
    *Learned don't settle for anything...get your true dream piece(s).
    *Learned about the many leathers and bag styles from the
    forum vets.
    *Learned that waiting is half of the fun. :smile:
  7. Great thread, jedi.

    Because of this forum I own more bags than I ever thought I would ever need in a lifetime (of course, I can't do without any of them now). And to think I used to be a one-bag kind of girl. :girlsigh:
  8. This forum has led me to a whole new world, endless choices and possibilities in leathers, colours, hardware. H bag is not just a Birkin, it can be anything your heart desires.

    I have fallen for the scarves, something I never ever thought of.

    I still do not like box, it looks exactly the same as Longchamp leather and EVERYBODY here has these Longchamp bags.
  9. nope, nope and nope. i yam what i yam.
  10. With no H near me, this is often the only place I see styles and colors, so...

    This forum has made me fall in love with the bolide, and then convinced me that a bolide does not have to be rigide to be great.

    This forum has positively influenced me on floppy bags overall, except for the birkin--still prefer that with structure.

    This forum has opened my eyes to more colors--raisin, in particular.

    This forum has also strengthened my belief in the goodness of people!
  11. Well, I am an adventurer and love to try new things. Also, I am a bit impetuous as you may have gathered. ;)
    The forum has opened my eyes to a wonderful new world. I have learned pretty much everything I know about Hermes from here. I love to do research on here and love to hear everyone's opinions. I have learned that no matter how much research I do, or how many opinions I get, I have to take a gamble and get an item in the end, live with it a little, to make up my mind on whether or not the item will work for me.
    After doing all my research on togo and clemence for example, I was dead sure that I'd prefer togo to clemence. It seems that most on the fourm also prefer togo to clemence (based on a poll that I did recently). ...however once I had a togo bag for a bit and the clemence, I found that I like togo (only the unveined type) but prefer clemence.
    So the forum absolutely influences educates me and opens my mind to new things, but in the end living with the item is still key for me.
  12. this forum has made me fall entirely in love with hermes & only hermes bags for me now.

    this forum has made me 'despise' my 101 other bags.

    this forum has made me become a hermes 'addict' & pple around me cant stand me now cos i tell anyone to go buy a hermes bag (when they ask me for a bag opinion).. lol

    this forum has also made me desperately/& quickly turn my hubby to a hermes-loving husband (i had to buy a few hermes things to get him hooked so that he can support my love)
  13. This forum is's wonderful to hear why others love a particular skin...why the love of a particular bag, and most importantly it's wonderful to share a passion of Hermes bags. Since I started buying Hermes I can't seem to buy any other bag...I love my birkin, kelly, plume, bolide, and my latest the adorable lindy!
  14. I have always been an Hermes fanatic but the only others fanatics I knew were my mother, sisters and my late husband (who had dozens if not hundreds of ties.)
    I love this forum because all of you are here!

    The forum has influenced me in that:

    1. I have a new appreciation for all the different colors of my Hermes accessories which I see as a "rainbow" now. Before I was just mad at myself for not settling on one color so they could all match!

    2. I did not like Birkins (I know...) but I have discovered the 30cm which is the perfect size for me-now I just have to find one!

    3. I now think about Hermes ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I have learned so much about my own Hermes purses, scarves and accessories and I have a new appreciation for them!!

  15. This Forum
    Has not changed me as to what I would buy

    but has helped me with scarves etc etc
    Has helped me to be happy for other peoples purchases

    Had kept me up until the early hours ( ahhh)
    Has made me giggle
    Has made me mad

    Is far too addictive