To wear or not to wear......

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  1. Okay ladies need some advice… still on a mission to find my perfect day to evening bag (more day)... I had purchased the jumbo black with s/h but returned it because I felt it was a tad too heavy on my shoulder. Fell in love with the 2.55 reissue (227 size) – so comfortable to wear. :girlsigh: .... anyway my wonderful SA is holding a recently received matte black reissue with s/h and my ? is do you think the reissue is more of a dressy handbag or do you wear it casually (daily) with everything – including jeans?
    I thank you in advance as I am sitting on the fence with this one ..:tender:
  2. I think the reissue can be dressy and casual. Just the other day while grocery shopping I saw a lady carrying a matte black reissue 227.
  3. I wear my 226 reissue with jeans and everything else... I wear it casually and dressy!
  4. I think it gives a really cool look when you wear a reissue with casual clothes. Since it's not a logo bag, it says that you wear what you like and aren't controlled by appearances and what others least that's how I see it. It's something you would see an understated celeb doing.
  5. I think the 227 is more casual (due to the larger size & color hardware). If you're looking for something that can transition between casual and dressy, I'd recommend the 226.
  6. dressy and casual! ^^
  7. The reissue can be worn casually or formally. Go for it! :tup:
  8. OMG! The reissue is totally a day to night bag! Go for it!
  9. Buy the reissue!
  10. go for reissue girl...
  11. reissue 227...if a more dressier version would b w gold hw....however both can go day o night...
  12. Thanks you'all for helping push me over that fence ... I am heading over to NM tomorrow and all I can say is... :tpfrox:
  13. I would have to agree with everyone else. It is a great bag! Please post photos when you get it:smile:
  14. Definitely get it, particularly if it's the matte leather reissue. The metallic reissues are definitely more dressy, but the matte ones are both classy AND practical.
  15. The reissue can definitely be classy and casual. It is indeed very versatile. I have seen a lady wear her 227 with denim dress, very chic!