To wear make up? Or not to wear make up?

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  1. I've never really worn foundation or anything of that sort before, yet I've always been interested in wearing some. My only flaws are a few acne scars. I dont want anything heavy to put on my face for the fear of acne popping up. I've heard MUCH praise over mineral power make up but to tell the truth, I have NO clue what I'm doing:shame:

    What do you suggest?
  2. I wish I didn't have to wear makeup!! Since I do though, I wear Make Up Forever Matt Velvet because my skin is so oily!!
  3. I love Laura Mercier mineral powder...actually I use her tinted moisturizer first, then her mineral powder

    Since foundation is a bit trickier than other make up (to get the color right etc), I would try different make up counters and have the SA help you. If you're not sure, ask them for a sample so you can try things out first before buying the full size

    I also wear primer (Laura Mercier or smashbox) over my spf lotion, but under my make sets my makeup nicely, and helps to hide my pores a bit...makes the application of the make up more even

    Make sure you tell the SA what kind of skin you have, what you're looking for (light vs heavy coverage, spf, matte finish, etc)

    Good luck!!!
  4. do you wear moisturizer?
    I totally would if you don't and if you already do, might as well make it tinted!
    I use Chanel's tinted moisturizer because it fills the moisturizer need and gives me just enough coverage to make me happy. You can't see it at all but it still evens out your skin tone.
  5. Since you don't have a lot to cover, I agree with swanky and recommend a tinted moisturizer. I've never tried Chanel's, but I love the one by La Mer--it is my HG! Also, Laura Mercier has gotten rave reviews from other TPF'ers and comes in two versions--regular and oil free.
  6. Great ideas on tinted moisturizer.

    I recently made the switch to mineral make up from liquid and I like it so far. You can get a free kit at, just pay for shipping. The samples are good sized and I ordered it along w/ a regular size kit. It is light and if you are only covering some acne scars, I think it would do the trick.

    Another idea is just a basic finishing powder w/ a slight tint for your skin tone, b/c those provide some coverage and hide slight flaws.
  7. thanks for all the responses!
    I don't think I need tinted, I already have dark skin. As you see I'm VERY clueless when it comes to make up!
    Second thing: I don't want to spend a lot! No more than $25 preferably. Is that possible at all?
    Third: The only moisturizer I use is the 3rd step in ProActive! Maybe ill look into that. But I haven't had any issues with oily skin or very dry skin.

    Alexis I love your signature, "Race Cars, not dogs". I wish I Could adopt greyhounds but I'm already occupied with my oversized German Shepherd!
  8. The tint is just to even your skin and provide slight coverage, kind of just to "finish" things, KWIM? As for the moisturizer, I've used the ProActive stuff and if that provides enough moisture, then I'd stick w/ it if it is working out okay. If your skin is dry, then maybe look into something or do the tinted route, to provide an even finish and cover flaws.

    Spending less than $25 is do-able. If you want to do the mineral route, you can just buy what you want- i.e. the foundation. Or, the kits at EM are reasonable- I think a six piece mix and match is $32?- a lot of makeup for a good price. If you do the powder route just for a bit of coverage (not minerals) tons of options are out there- you could even do drug store brands like Neutrogena or Almay. HTH!
  9. Alright so I'll look into these. Parisian is still on their Goodwill Sale so I'll check their make up counters.
  10. right, the tint isn't to deposit color at all. . . just to even skin out. So dark spots frm previous acne or a little redness here or there will be evend out.
  11. Make up is amazing!
    Thanks so much, I'll check out some this week