To wavy and curly hair ladies..I found a good gel for cheap>>

  1. When I want to let my natural waves out
    I use Kerastase Oleo Curl shampoo and conditioner in combination with Frederik Fekkai curls enhancer cream:heart:, so far so good, but the other day a friend told me wonders about Garnier hard curl gel..well I finally gave it a try and I am really amazed how well this work, my curls feel just a little cruncy but they still can bounce, at the end of the day today my waves were still in shape, I am wondering if this product can be as good for girls with really curly hair.:idea:
    Not bad Garnier:tup:
    What do you think..
  2. u have gorgeous hair!...I really like garnier their products seem to work well and are a great price! I also heard paul mitchell has some good gels too
  3. Not a gel, but when I leave my hair curly, I use Aussie Curly 2-in-1 leave in conditioner and mousse. It really, really works well for my curls.
  4. Great hair!
  5. Thanks, I tried Paul Mitchell before, they are good too, but they don't hold the wave long enough.
  6. You have such fabulous hair! I am going to try Garnier. I have long, wavy hair but its currently all one length. I think its time for shorter layers and bangs!
  7. Thanks Kymmie, I had long layers last month and blunt bangs, but it became a little boring after a while, I am glad I am back to my all time hair style with textured bangs, it is just more fun and easier to style in Summer.
    If you have wavy hair you should go for it, I believe layers are the best choice for our hair.
  8. You look fabulous!! thanks for the garnier tip...I too have wavy hair.
  9. I have wavy hair too and sometimes it gets curly only the undrneath part. Which is very frustrating..
    I think I am going to check out the Garnier gel!
    Thanks for the recommendation..:tup:
  10. wow that looks great!
  11. You're gorgeous, and so is your hair!!! I have similar hair, long heavy and wavy so I'm always looking out for a good product to hold my waves. My biggest problem is that the top layer of my hair gets wavier / curly then underneath so a strong holding styler is always needed.

    Thanks for the info on the Garnier, I'll have to check it out.

  12. I use this too!! Isn't it fab? And easy on the pockets too.

    Haven't tried Garnier, but their shine serum works so well I might look into the gel. Thanks for the tip! BTW, you have great hair!! I love how shiny and healthy it looks.
  13. Firstly you have reaallllyyyy gorgeous hair!! I wish my hair was curly like that, unfortunately I have crazy frizzy awful curls, I don't normally go for gels, and I have a hunch that it looks so good because your curls are perfect to begin with, but I'll give it a try. :smile:
  14. To the latest replies, thanks so much and yes, this stuff is cheap, you will not loose to much money if does not work for you, it is so funny that in my house any product I reject my children and SO use them, they love all that styling crap in their hair and it is so crazy that the majority of the products that does not work on me they work very well on them:confused1: so after all I am not loosing money.;)
  15. You have BEAUTIFUL hair!!!! Seeing your cut, especially your bangs makes me want to have bangs cut again!!