To Wait or to Buy?

  1. So I drove myself out to phoenix today to go to the Chanel boutique in order to see all the cambon line in person. I have decided that the large is waaay too big for me, so I'm going to either buy one of the other 2 totes or the pochette. Here's the question: should I place my order at one of the Hawaii boutiques while they still have some pink & beige bags in stock or should I wait to see if Chanel has another sale? I'm afraid I might miss out on these colors completly, but if Chanel goes on sale later I might save money if I wait....what do you all think the smart thing to do is?
  2. If you have the money to spend now, I'd go for the one you want now, if it's available in Hawaii.

    If you're going to go into debt, i.e. charge it on a card, it might be better to wait. By the time you pay off the balance on the card, it might go back to full price or more after the interest payments!
  3. Buy, Buy, Buy! I LOVE the beige! If you don't have the money or aren't totally sold on the Cambon line, I'd get the pochette.
  4. Oh no I am in love w/ the cambon line! My fear is if I wait, maybe no one will have sales & then I will miss out on the line completly!! But of course, if I buy now I may pay too much...
  5. Isn't it 25% at the Hawaii Boutiques? And Chanel had 30%? That is not that much of a difference and being that the beige and pink are on promo and not being made anymore, I personally wouldn't take the risk...if either the pink or beige is what you truly want. I would go for the medium tote or pochette.
  6. Thanks for the advice! To be honest, the medium tote was actually too big for me. Not only in apperance, but in practicality. The small tote actually looked cute & fit on my shoulder very well so now I am torn between that & the pochette in many options!
  7. call hawaii.. sales are easy to miss. :smile:
  8. DITTO!!!
  9. hehe well get what you want and post pics!! i really like the pochette b/c it zips, the thing that bothered me was the fact that the mini tote was wide open. either way you go you will enjoy! pink cambon is the best
  10. I Say Pink Cambon Pochette & I Would Purse It Now With The Sales.
  11. I've never been a big fan of waiting.......:shame:
  12. ^^buy it while it's there! wouldn't want to miss an opportunity......and be regretful in the end
  13. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to call Hawaii tomorrow & get the small tote because I just saw a brown pochette on ebay from an ALVA member that I think is really cute....maybe one of each?
  14. i dont even think they have the small tote left, sally told me at her store all they had was the med pink/black.
  15. i like the brown one too :biggrin:
    go for the pochette, i dont like the small tote personally.