To wait or not to wait, that is the question.


Nov 30, 2007
Hi everyone -- I'm new to TPF, so this will be my first time.....posting that is. So be gentle with me. :rolleyes:

I am wanting to treat myself to a Hermes Kelly for my birthday or Christmas next year, and am curious as to whether it's true I won't need to put my name on a wait list. Is this the case for Chicago (if any one knows).

Who do I need to get to know (or kiss up to at the Hermes Chicago) to be "in the know" on what they receive there?

If I have to wait for a year, that's fine. It will probably take me that long to save up for this special treat anyway. How much would a Hermes Kelly in box calf (black) set me back anyway?

Thanks for your feedback!:girlsigh:


Oct 12, 2006
Hi, in my experience, there is no wait list, or no obvious one that you can put yourself on simply by walking into a store. The best strategy for me has been to learn about Hermes in general (you will find all that you need here on this subforum if you poke around...check out the reference threads in particular, plus there is one with current prices), visit your store regularly and develop a relationship with a sales associate. You don't have to necessarily drop big bucks or kiss up, but they are more responsive, in general, to people with a genuine interest in the brand rather than those who just want to pop in and ask for a Birkin or Kelly. I think a black box Kelly should not be hard to get if you are patient. If you'd rather not spend the time/effort, there are good resellers that you can go to, and you will definitely find something by this time next, plenty of options since you aren't in a hurry.
Good luck!!


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
Welcome! Great choice for a treat! black box Kelly = to die for!!!

Pepper nailed it on the head :smile:
I just know whatever boutique I visit, is usually for a reason right? Especially if it is more expensive. And if I am spending a lot of money on treats for myself, I want to make sure I really know and like the brand, so I educate myself. SA's appreciate that initiative, to learn more about a brand than just 'oh a birkin is so cool' or something to that effect.

Let us know how things are going! And if you need any help or advice there are so many knowledgeable ladies here!


Nov 30, 2007
Hey Pepper/Razorbackbelle and Candace -

Thanks so much for your responses to my inquiry --- I'm more excited now about eventually owning one of these beauties...and after trolling the other H threads, now I'm yearning for a Birkin.

I think I'm in serious trouble.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weeknd -- I may have to pay a visit to the store in Chicago this weekend, just to "browse". :love:


Aug 28, 2006
^^ I can offer you my SA in Chicago, he is the best! I tried to PM you, but there is no PM section to do so. If you would like his name, let me know:tup:

Ms. Twilly

Aug 4, 2006
Welcome, Chigirl! You are lucky to live in a city with an H boutique! I have only heard wonderful things about the SA's at Chicago, so I'm sure you'll be in very good hands... and, yes, Birkin!? Kelly!? You are in trouble! :graucho: