To wait or not to wait...Please help!

  1. I have been waiting patiently for the Tivoli GM to be back in stock at my local boutique. I just recently added myself to the waitlist but I've been wanting this bag for some time now. Should I contiune to wait or just go for another bag I like? The other bag is the BH. I've tried on the BH and it is a very nice everyday bag that fits nicely on my sholder which is what I'm looking for. I've never even seen the Tivoli GM in person and am not even sure it would fit nicely on me. I'm 5'9 and would like to wear it comfortably over my sholder with a coat. Can you ladies give my some advice? And if you taller ladies have any modeling pic's I'd love to see them.
  2. Wait it out! It's a nice bag!!
  3. TIVOLI is definitely worth the wait!
  4. the tivoli is a great handbag/armbag/shoulderbag, but on a 5'9 shoulder, it might feel a little awkward/restricting over a heavy winter coat. as far as aesthetics, the tivoli is more attractive to me than the bh (which i own).

    i'd wait for the tivoli, and go to the store (wearing a large coat) to try it on - that way you can decide between the two. have fun!
  5. I think you should wait for the bag that you really want. (the GM) Because if you settle on the BH then you might regret it. Plus you'll just have to wait even longer to get it again if it's out of stock, you have to save, etc.
  6. definitely wait - that bag will look wonderful on someone of ur height!
  7. Definitely wait. I have the GM and absolutely love it, although I haven't taken it out much cuz the weather hasn't cooperated. Plus, the straps are adjustable, so you should be able to fit it over your coat.
  8. i love my tivoli! its versatile because i can wear it on my shoulders or on my arms and i'm pretty sure if you adjust the straps to the very last hole you can fit it under ANY coat. I have mine adjusted to the third one and it still fits, but I"m 5'5. I can fit a laptop, the assessories pouchette, alexandria wallet, some papers and documents, phone (in the phone pocket), some little notebooks on the side pockets, keys, OMG you can fit just as much in the tivoli as you can in the BH...well ok maybe not AS much but why would you want to make your bag that heavy anyway?! anyway go try on both!!!! have a great time! hope I helped =] sorry i don't have pictures of me and the bag, but I"m 5'5 anyway so its a far stretch from your 5'9
  9. I guess I need to practice patience. I’m just worried that I’ll have waited months for a bag and end up not liking it because of the fit. I agree with all of you that this is a gorgeous bag. Thanks for all of your responses. I think I’ll wait a bit longer for the Tivoli to come in.
  10. Wait for it.
  11. I am on a waitlist for this, too, so I feel your pain! :crybaby: I think it might be too big for me (I am short) and I am thinking of jumping ship and going for a Speedy since there are no stores in my state that carry LV so I can't try either on.
  12. yes wait for the one you :heart:!:yes::yes:
  13. Surely there must be a Tivoli GM available somewhere in the country? Have you tried calling 866? Maybe your wait won't have to be much longer. :shrugs:
  14. I'd wait too ... I love that bag, thinking about getting it myself someday!
  15. I've thought about trying to order one over the phone. I'm just not a fan of that. I need to see it, touch it, try it on first. Plus, I love going to the store and leaving with my bag. I know I'm crazy.....