To Vlad & ANy & All Mods (Pls answer me)

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  1. My original username was Lpcandacelee. I have been following this forum for MONTHS before I signed up. I legitmitely enjoy this site. A few days after signing up there was an arguement with other members which resulted in them posting my personal pictures on the webiste (which were then removed by the mods). After this occured I made a new account for 2 reasons. (1, being that I didn't want people knowing what i looked like, where i lived etc & 2 because i was locked out of my email so i didn't know the password).
    --After this I was banned stating because I had 2 accounts. I legitimitley never knew that I could only have one account. Had i not been locked out of my email and had personal pictures of me (posted by other member) not been posted I would not have made another account. Thus the reasoning for making the 2nd account. (This got me banned) and i was unaware.
    --When I logged in & saw the ban "for 2 usernames" i thought that was just standard notification and that you guys didn't really know why I made the 2nd s/n and that you'd understand if i told you. So i made another screen name thinking it was OK. Then I was banned again. I contuined to do this because i wanted to get to the 5 day period where I could PM the MODS or VLAD and explain to them why I made the 2nd username (which got me banned) in the first place.
    This is all a huge misunderstanding. Had I known i would get banned and that 2 usernames were against the rules I would have never made it, but i didn't know and i didnt have a choice bc i was locked out of my email.

    All the other usernames i made was because i was trying to post and get to the 5deays to tell you guys this.

    Bottom line is I throughouly enjoy this website. I have tried to contact via the 'contact us' spot but have gotten no response. I just keep making the s/n's so i can get through to somebody. PLEASE PLEASE read my posts so you can see that i am not out here to hurt anybody. i really enjoy the reveals and the communication with the other coach lovers. i meant no harm i swear.

    i have tried to explain this on twitter to someone but i can't get my point across through the tweets.

    i just ask for a second chance, i feel like this is all a misunderstanding and if you would please give me another chance i can asure you won't see any action liek taht from me. im just here like everyone else is, posting and commenting and i really enjoy it. ive followed this thread for months before even signing up.

    please, just please someone give me an explination and please give me another chacne. i would NOT put fourth this much effort if I didn't care so much about this site. i wouldnt abuse the privlleages of being a memeber if i would've known making that 2nd s/n would've gotten me banned. and i didnt do it for fun, i did it because i couldnt log back in when i was locked out of my email & forgot my psswrd on here.

    please, please just give me another chance. PLEASE, i find so much great feedback and fellowship here.
  2. Hi,

    I flagged Vlad and Megs to this.
    But what happened was your extra nickname was banned warning you not to make another ID. You chose not to listen to that warning and you went ahead and made a THIRD ID, and then another, etc. . .

    You were adequately warned before you were completely banned from here.

    Our rules clearly state you cannot have more than one account here.
  3. You have what... 6 accounts here. Clearly against our community rules. :shrugs:
  4. I don't know if it is appropriate to say this- but was this person banned only because of multiple accounts? or is it also because she demonstrates untruthful behavior- both in her original posts and currently?
    For example, if you read posts under her previous names, she talks of and posts a reveal of a madison shoulder bag, yet earlier today she posts how she is considering buying this bag. which is it? this is simply one of many inconsistencies. And I figured out who she was, yet again, because of posting style, which makes noting these inconsistencies easy.
    As a Coachie, I don't know that I want fellowship with a person whom I do not feel is being honest, especially someone whose initial argument with other Coachies was over a scam she pulled on Coach.
    Mods, I'm very sorry if I am overstepping my bounds; I found this post because, as I mentioned earlier, the poster's posting style seemed awfully familiar and I know she has been (rightfully in my opinion) banned at least twice already. I was going to notify you of her presence when I found this post.
  5. Swanky, thank you for flagging. When you say I was adequately warned before I was completely banned, what do you mean? I swear on my life, the ONLY time I saw the thing about 2 usernames was when I saw the "Youve been banned" notification. Where was the warning beforehand. I would have NEVER made the 2nd username had I seen a warning. I legitmitely did not know that making a second username would ban me. Had I known that I would've tried to figure out another way to reset my original Lpcandacelee.

    Vlad. the Only reason I kept making usernames was so that I could get through to someone. There is no wa to contact you guys until after the 5 day period, and each time I wouldn't make it to the 5 day period because i would be banned for making another screen name. (See the merry go round).

    To make a long story short, in all honesty the only reason i kept making them was to get through. So i'd post to make my 5 required and then wait for my 5th day to come around so i could tell u why i made the 2nd one that got me banned. but i could never make it.

    & to the last poster, yes I did not disclose to the forum members that i bought a bag off ebay and that i bought it in store. but that was no reason for them to post my personal pictures on the website.

    i promise i never recieved a warning. i didn't even have PM enabled to be able to recieve a warning. the only warning i got was when I was banned.
  6. i'm not here to argue grace. i simply enjoy the forum. i'm doing whatever i can to get past my 5 day and 5 post to be able to relay this information to them. I didn't derseve to have my personal pictures posted, yet i am not contuining to attack the people who did it.

    i just want to be apart of the forum like everyone else. everyone deserves a second chance. i just want to be apart of something and i was bullied out of the forum with pics of myself posted.

    im just asking for the slate to be wipped clean because of the misunderstanding i had with the username and getting locked out of my email.

    i would have done this privatley b?u ther was no way to email vlad in private. is there any way vlad can email me seperatly? i just want to be apart of this. i really enjoy this site and have since about may of this year
  7. #7 Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2010
    We have always been open to giving people second chances. But we warn people adequately. You had over 6 usernames but agreed to our terms of service which said you can only have one name. There were other issues.

    Sorry, this is not the right fit for you.
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