to Vivienne Westwood lovers.

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  1. i'm having a tough decision about which ring i should get :crybaby: i'm currently in love with the silver armour ring, and its the most heard of and popular. but then i turn to the knuckleduster and the knuckle ring and i love them all :P the thing is i dont have much money know but i know i can afford a knuckle ring. how much is a silver amour ring? i hear hervia is doing a no tax thing. which one would you choose?
  2. can you post a picture?
  3. [​IMG]

    thats the armour ring. and this is the knuckle ring:


    i've decided not to get the knuckleduster. sorry if the pics are too large D:
  4. um can anyone give an opinion to which one is better? :biggrin: ;;
  5. umm i dont really know tbh, theyre not my style so i cant comment especially as i dont know how your style is to match the rings, myself im after the orb diamantes ring *loveeeee* and necklace to match my earrings lol i suppose the bracelet too hehe
  6. ooo the diamente orb ring is also great :biggrin: i love vivienne westwood, but sadly there arent any stores in the US. I hear its cheaper in the UK? probably just no tax haha.
  7. lol well i got my earrings for £55 which converts to about... $105
    Im not sure how much the ring costs but the necklace is £5 more. Luckily i have a shop in my town so hehe!! and there are only 2/3 outside of london so its limited. You can order them online though but i dont know if they ship W/W.
  8. yea....I don't know about the rings either...not my style. I love the earrings that gucci_girl_gg got though. I love their orbs. =)
  9. i found someone at ebay who would get me a size L for the knuckle and let me pay 140 instead of the original us price, 360, because he lives in london.
  10. thats a good deal! if its the one you want then go for it
  11. the armour ring is so beautiful!!! it's like stunning! omg hehe
  12. i wonder how do you wear the knuckle ring, and what's the knuckleduster???

    i think the armour ring's a bit big so it might come across as show-offy...that's why I like the knuckle ring better but I'm not really sure cuz I have no idea how it's modeling pics would definitely help :smile:
  13. I would always buy from the official site its much better, really cool stuff, they have all the new bags in now, i can't wait to start buying...
  14. The knuckle ring is worn with the band part closest the base of your hand, and the bulb over your knuckle. When you bend your finger the orb faces out.

    Armour rings can come off as showy if they're too large for the hand, (and if you buy it in gold or diamante) but when you buy the right size they're actually quite tapered. It also depends on how you care for it -- I polish mine so it doesn't tarnish, but I really like the matte look that old, scuffed silver gets, so I don't worry if mine's a little beat up. It's a very different look, though, so it might not be to everyone's taste.

    I'll post some pictures tonight. ;)

    Oh, and the knuckle duster is a three-part articulated ring as well, only it folds horizontally, almost like brass knuckles. Diabro has it here.
  15. I like the armor ring the best! I want one.