To Ursula bowler owners/ experts...

  1. What has your experience been with the quality of this bag? I read that the leather frays. :huh: Thoughts or comments? Such a shame for a Marc Jacobs purse. :sad:

    Thanks so much!
  2. My beloved Ursula Elise is still perfect as the day I got her. =) SAs from big department stores like NM & Nordstrom said that we can always exchange a defective bag for a perfect one when something goes wrong.

    Slickskin & owners of MJ bags, Enjoy your bags. =)
    I'm sure that there are quality issues every now and then. Members mentioned having problems (broken chain, color transfer, etc) with Chanel bags, Fendi Bbag, etc.

  3. I have the Ursula Elise in blush. Very easy to clean, dirt wipes right off. Haven't had any problems.
  4. I have the Ursula bowler in shiny black patent as well as the Ursula tote in black patent; the bowler I've used almost every day for the past four months and no peeling whatsoever. I took the tote to NY two weeks ago and it withstood pouring rain without a scratch. Both bags were packed in a very full suitcase and have come out looking great. I love the leather and have had no issues yet!
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