To treat/Spray or not to Treat/Spray??

  1. Do you spray/condition your bags or leave them natural? If you spray them, when do you spray them, when they are new, after a couple years...???:confused1: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, EPI Leather??? What do you do???:confused1:

    I don't know if I should spray my purses with protector before I use them or let them patina naturally and spray them later. Or maybe never spray them... what would happen if yoy never sprayed them??:confused1:

    :yes: Have a good day!!! :yes:
  2. I have never ever sprayed or treated my bags & they are all fine! The base of my Cabas Mezzo has suffered a little as it is my kick around tote but I intend to have that replaced, perhaps I will scotchguard the leather this time around.
  3. I have posted about this before and I wouldn't do anything to your purse!

    People mentioned different items like Milk and Monkey juice -or something like that and some say it's good while others were told by their SA's to stay away!!!

    If your purse is new, just treat it with care - chemicals are never good! It's bound to get scratched, water marked or whatever - life happens!
  4. I've done stuff to the leather before and now I've learned some things the hard way......... So ya, C au naturel maintenant et pour toujours!!!
  5. I don't spray/treat my bags at naturale for me :smile:
  6. If LV does not suggest it, I won't do it.
  7. I've never sprayed the leather parts of my bags. I've always preferred them in their natural state - the texture, the distinctive smell.
    I also think that leaving the vachetta in its natural state helps it build up its immunity.
  8. Me too, I do not spray or treat my bags either. I have however treated one LV bag--it was a Sac Plat that was over 20 years olds with a conditioner that was given to me by an LV reseller. I have plans of resurrecting the thread where I spoke about this product with a full report either tonight or tomorrow.
  9. I always spray my bags now and l only wish l had done it sooner but each to their own. The other day l put my lockit h on a chair and then knocked a glass of water all over it, later on that day after reading a news paper (with the bag on my lap) I got the print all over the handles and the top trim. so l came home cleaned the leather with a leather cleaner and sprayed again. I do believe l depends on the products you use and the products that l use l have used for a few years. The fact is l need to do this as l am prone to accidents as you have gathered by this.
  10. I think this is really just personal preference, and no wrong answer. I do, however, spray my new bags with applegarde Rain and Stain protector. Be sure NOT to hold the bottle too close to the bag when you spray, because it can stain it I have heard. If you hold it the 6 to 9 inches recommended o nthe bottle, it does not change the color of the leather at all.

    I also wipe the canvas with vinylex wipes, which offer some UV protection.
  11. I have never sprayed/treated any of my bags. I just leave 'em au naturel. :beach: I'm just REALLY careful with them when they're brand spankin' (nakey) new...LOL As they get more patina...then I'm not as nervous with them, but still cautious. :yes:

    Although.....The last few days I was thinking..."perhaps I should protect my future bags??" :confused1: But....Now that I think about it....I might as well stick to what I've been doing...

    Like other posters have said....Just depends on the persons personal preference. ;)
  12. I left my epi bags alone and Shining Monkeyed the straps of my partition and mini pochette, and the vachetta on my regular batignolles. I'm not going to touch my petit bucket bag, though. I'm undecided as to whether I'll treat future bags, too.
  13. I always treat the leather on my LV bags. I've purchased everything in my collection new, and have treated the leather on each and every piece before ever using it.
  14. I have never treated any of my bags.
  15. I purchased that apple garde(?) I believe spray and conditioning cream, as I heard it helped to protect the leather. I think it was BS. The one bag I used it on it darkened the cowhide faster then you could blink, and it didn't really do anything special compared to the ones that have tanned naturally.

    So I am a proponent of "don't".