To Treat or Not To Treat......THAT is the question!!


Do you moisturize your brand new Bbag?

  1. Yes, with leather conditioners.

  2. Yes, with skin lotions.

  3. Nope.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has NOT treated their balenciaga bag? I have a light colored bag and haven't done a thing to it yet. What do you suggest? I've heard apple guard pros and cons. Help! I don't know what to do. Thanks! :huh:
  2. I usually dont treat my bags but felt I HAD to with my white bbag. I used Vectra spray and so far so good. I havent treated my cornflower or ink. What color is yours?
  3. I havent and they are as great as the first day I bought them. I have even taken them in the rain.
  4. Have you had any darkening on the handles of the lighter colors?
  5. i haven't treated mine & i don't plan to for now :smile: ...i think i'm going to go with the natural look unless i get any scratches & then i'll try a little lubriderm if needed :yes:
  6. i recommend atleast spraying the handles with apple guard to prevent the handles from darkening.
  7. I haven't treated mine, but have used apple garde conditioner if I get a scratch or mark of some sort.
  8. I think I may hold off treating my bronze. I'm a little nervous about that--unless someone here has had some experience with Appleguard and metallics?
  9. I don't treat my more dark colored bags unless the leather seems a little dry. My ink hasn't been treated at all, she's doing great. I've treated the emerald and the white. As far as the handles, tread with care and use q-tips and soft clothes! A little goes a long long way... especially if you don't want your handles turning. Good luck!!!
  10. No treatment here. I'm leaving Balenciaga nature alone!
  11. For those who haven't treated.....

    What happened to the colour, texture, etc if they got wet?
    Can you see raindrop marks on the bag?
    Please talk about your experiences....

    BTW, I have only treated my pochette because it is a hand held bag & I don't want any greasy finger marks on it!
  12. Haven't done a thing. Bought some apple garde but haven't used it. I may treat my white one when it comes in just to be safe.
  13. i didn't use apple guard spray on my bordeaux when i got it last year... regreted it. the handles darkened slightly. now i use apple guard on every single one of my bags... no unsightly darken handles for me... one time the condensation off my glass dripped water on my bag... it just rolled right off. my daughter got food on my twiggy once... food wiped right off, didn't even absorb. love apple guard! only thing is in order to really protect, you have to spray atleast 3 coats of it.
  14. me too!!! :yes: