To trade Burberry for LV?

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  1. So I have a Burberry Nova Check hobo tote, it is basically brand new with receipt, cards and the whole deal. I paid only 340$ for it..(it retails 725+tax). I am deliberating whether to sell it (I have an offer for 400$). I would then use this money to buy a Louis vuitton blanc multicolore Trouville. The seller is willing to give it to me for 550$. Now the Trouville is in excellent condition, not brand new, but it looks very nice. What do you guys think? Should I give up the like-new Burberry and add the extra 150$ for the Trouville?
    Attached is a photo of the Trouville and Burberry.

    Thanks girls!
    louis trouv.jpg burb.jpg
  2. I would keep the Burberry because it is a more classic purse. If I were to trade for a Louis it would be a classic one, but then again I'm into classic pieces!
  3. Yeah I would keep the Burberry as well. Good luck with your decision!
  4. in this case, Burberry wins!
  5. I don't know what your collections look like. From the pic lv looks nicer, but the bag could be too small. I only like lvs multicolor, and don't like bs nova check(I believe that's the cheapest product line, was made in china and going to be discontinued)
  6. Keep the burberry, i'm not a fan of that pattern in LV.
  7. If you don't like this Burberry, you can sell it and keep the money. You can always buy another bag later. This LV bag is not my fav style. It is white and the handle not easy to take care.
  8. Get the LV....I personally don't like the Nova check and the LV multicolor has more "class"

  9. Yep. The BB is made in china, and is actually smaller than the trouville! Trouville is a litttttle bigger than speedy 25
  10. I love LV but I don't like that bag. Keep the burberry
  11. Tough choice! They're both adorable. Which one matches more of your clothes? Keep that one cuz it'll be more versatile and worth the $ in the long run. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  12. I would keep the Burberry cause they will stop producing the checkers. I like Burberry more than the Louis Vuitton if compare these two bags IMO :smile:
  13. Don't! The Burberry looks much more classy!
  14. Just based on appearance and no other information, I would pick the Burberry.

    However, you noted you got a great deal on the Burberry ($340) and's still new (meaning, you didn't start carrying it ASAP)! Being that you haven't used it yet, that tells me you're not completely in love with it. Also, the fact that you're asking the question to switch to the Trouville, also suggests you're not diggin your Burberry. Sounds like you want to switch to the Trouville :P.

    I think you should pick the purse you'll want to carry right away. Gluck! and let us know what you decide! :cool:
  15. I'm a LV fan bt not of the multicolor ! If you want classic this mc is not ( in my opinion ).
    Also if you decide to go with the LV have it authenticated here ,just to be safe .