to tote or not to tote?


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
what do you think about this bag? it looks like a good sized bag for just kicking it in flip flops, a tank and shorts, for going out during the day, to the beach, classes, b&n, whichever. its from banana republic for a mere 98 bucks. my only drawback is if this bag is too oldish? can someone on the younger side pull it off?
i generally don't like handles of that style, i think it gives the bag an odd shape, and i see it on a lot of cheap bags. looks like a cute material, though, does it come in any other shapes?
mmm it doesnt seem comfortable enough for the purpose you described.. the handles i dont know!! seem they'll give a hard time!!:oh:
specially sometimes if you are carrying heavy things you might want to look for something that'll fit on your shoulder:amuse: