To toile or not to toile? Please give me your advice

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which spring bag

  1. Toile lindy

  2. toile evelyne

  3. other hermes (please comment)

  4. cheaper non hermes (suggestions?)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm sitting in the middle of a blizzard and thinking about spring. I'd love to get a very practical bag for the spring and summer and have not hit upon the right hermes yet. During the summer I am very casual, wear lots of casual day dresses, jeans on cooler days or nights. I also am at the park, tennis court watching dd, street fairs, casual outdoor cafes...
    What are your thoughts on a toile bag? Would this be at all practical? and if so, would you suggest an evelyne or a lindy?
  2. Well, you KNOW what I am going to say. The Lindy is just the perfect bag! And having a bi-material one for Spring/Summer would be DEVINE!!!

    (Although...I did see a 30 cm toile/etoupe birkin that I wanted so badly I could taste it.)
  3. One MUST toile or crinoline! I would be a bit concerned about color transfer with jeans so perhaps a Lindy would be more appropriate as it's not worn as close to the body as an Evelyne?
  4. crinoline is pretty fragile. i would go with a toile and ebene 35 trim if it were me...........
  5. Agree that crinolin is not a hardy material at all although it is very special. Toile is much more durable.
  6. Oh do Toile:yes::heart: I love mine!!
  7. no toile for me..
  8. Color transfer from jeans is a real problem. Beautiful, but hard to keep clean.
  9. I love toile! I personally prefer the leather/toile combo in a Birkin or Kelly (Evelyne is great too).
  10. Dark jeans and toile can be a bit of nightmare but no worries about maintenance. TPF members have used the "Mr Clean Magic Eraser" to clean toile with much success or you can always send it to the H spa!
  11. To TOILE!


    right, costa? :P
  12. I want a toille birkin myself and I'm avoiding becuase of cleaning/jean issues that have been mentioned.

    But with that said, I'd do toille birkin, after that depends, if you want messenger style, the toile evelyne or if it doesn't matter and you want a more secure closure I'd go for the toille lindy. I think toille makes a great summer bag.

    But then again, you could go for a light colored leather or bright color leather as a summer bag too.

    And I'm having a snow storm and it's a nice thought, I'm not buying any bags this year at least I hope I have enough willpower but now you had to put that idea in my head.
  13. this is spring/summery:

  14. As much as I LOVE toile, the color transfer when wearing jeans is a killer ROCKER. I learned this the hard way.....and you know me, I wear jeans about 85% of the time.

    If there was a bag where the toile didn't rub against the body as much, then I'd consider it AND I would try to buy resale instead of directly from the store because color transfer on a $6K bag is SO depressing!!!!!
  15. from the Reference Section:


    it's my top pick.

    OK. I wasn't much of a help. I just posted pictures. :roflmfao: