To tide me over until my FB Hobo pops up.......I found this

  1. a Caramel 05 City! :yahoo: I went back and forth between Mastic and Caramel and whether to go with the Day or the City........I nearly drove myself crazy. And with the help of a pf'er (thanks nicole:flowers:) I finally decided on the Caramel City. As much as I like the look of the Day, I LOVE my City's. I was really surprised to find the leather nice and chewy on this bag. It's got lots of little wrinkles but they're really hard to capture. My caramel WE is really smooth so I was pleasantly surprised since I prefer wrinkly bags. So, here it is.............the first pic shows its true color.



  2. Yum! 05 Caramel is one of my favorites :love: Congrats!!!
  3. lovely city!! '05 is your favorite right?
  4. Oh, THAT's the color! The one that rules the neutrals IMO. Congratulations, it's gorgeous.
  5. WOWZERS!!!! :nuts: :drool: :nuts: It's gorgeous cracker!!! You have a great '05 collection going on!! Congrats!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. congrats, I want this bag so bad. my co-worker has it same color, I love it.
  7. Thanks girls! 05 is really turning out to be my favorite year regarding both leather and colors. However, I'm a '04 virgin........I've yet to feel what that leather is like.........maybe someday:girlsigh:.
  8. I knew when I opened this thread that I would be in for a treat :yes:

    Cracker, you get THE BEST bags EVER!!!

    This one is no exception. Congrats and enjoy that beauty!!!
  9. congrats! i really love the older yummy leather. she is gorgeous!
  10. you always get the nicest bags with the nicest leathers! congrats!!
  11. Ooh, looks fabulous! Congratulations on a great find. That should hold you over well!
  12. cracker : The leather is YUMMY and it's TDF.....congrats for ur new find! I haven't got over ur caramel WE yet and now seein ur another gorgeous bbag!

    U lucky gal....enjoy her with gd health!
  13. I've got only one word for this beauty: Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!!!!

    So you finally decided on 05 Caramel:graucho: Good choice!!! She looks OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    Just a droopy puddle of leather.....:drool::drool:
  14. omg! :tup: you have the most beautiful bags with the most beautiful leather AND the BEST colors!! wow! congrats on the new bag!! :heart:
  15. That is such a pretty color...I'm jealous :smile: Congrats on your amazing find!