To those wonderful photographers of Chanel ...

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  1. I have at least a couple of you in mind, but don't want to post on your behalf in case you aren't interested.

    But check this thread out

    I know this is kinda OT for here (mods, please move somewhere more appropriate if necessary), but I've seen some absolutely fabulous pics on this forum that really should be included here.

    There is talk of them being made into a book... :idea:
  2. Has Vlad gone back to that thread> I'm not sure it's allowed?
  3. I never saw that thread before, going through it now and its SO amazing!
  4. Thanks Carole for posting this. I never saw that thread before and now I absolutely love it!
  5. Sorry Swanky, I'm not sure I understand :confused1: I was just going by what I read on it.
  6. the thread is allowed, but it's evolving into a book, etc. . . Vlad posted in it and said he'd come back to it. I am not sure they allow where it's going :shrugs:
    Whoever is in charge needs to PM Megs & Vlad:yes:
  7. Ah, I just wanted the lovely photographers here to show off their work and to see the wonderful pictures other people had taken.

    It's very inspirational to "point and shoot" people like me.

    Please remove my comment about "the book" if you like, especially as I may have mislead people :shame:.
  8. Those pictures make me want to be far more creative! :yes: I've been very unimaginative when taking mine.
  9. No, no, you're fine! I was just thinking out loud. . . probably shouldn't have been :shame:
  10. OMG. Thanks for posting expat. That's an awesome thread.