To those with the azur mini pouchette...........

  1. Is your pouchette made in france or usa? Not that is matters, but I was told that they only make them in the usa, just wondering if this is true. Thanks
  2. I have seen Damier Azur Mini Pochettes made in both France and USA. ;)
  3. Hi sjunky13, mine is made in France.
  4. My mini is made in France...;)
  5. mine is made in france too
  6. France!
  7. I guess I'm the oddball; Mine is made in the U.S.A. :p
  8. For most items you would have some made in USA and some in France.
  9. Did you guys personally pick out the Made in France? Or was it luck?

    I bought my Azur Mini Pochette on a whim in less than a minute when I bought a matching bag, so I didn't chose... I just bought.
  10. I got my Azur Mini Pochette from eLux and it's made in France.
  11. France...It wouldn't matter to me if it were made in the USA...Actually love my LV that is!
  12. I sold mine, but I do believe it was made in France!
  13. mine's made in france.
  14. Mine's made in France, too.