To those with Lanvin Flats...

  1. I'm going to Europe in May. I want cute, but comfortable walking shoes. I was thinking of getting these flats ( if I can find a pair). Do you think they would be super comfortable for walking around?

  2. yes, very! there is a little lift in them that give a bit of support, so they are great for walking. Just make sure to get zipsoles on the bottom as they wear out quickly without reinforcement.
  3. try they had them recently. if they are not on the website, call them. they have a large stock in their store.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thanks!
    Now I have another site to shop from...:smile: also has a good Lanvin collection.
  6. Btw. low top black converse are very, very popular in Paris. I'd recommend those or maybe black Pumas as a back up shoe. (Esp. in case in rains or something...)