To those with a Purse....

  1. Can you fit the bag over your shoulder with a coat on? I am thinking of this bag for my next purchase, and would prefer a shoulder bag. It is either another City or the Purse, so I am thinking of all the pros and cons of each style.

    I have 2 of the City already, so that makes me think Purse.
  2. yes, yes, yes, you can definitely fit it over your shoulder with a coat on!!!...i've gone one in emerald green & i :heart: it!!!...i like wearing bags on my shoulder & it's got a pretty long drop, so even a puffy winter coat shouldn't be a problem :yes:

    p.s. here's a picture of it so you can see the handles
    DSCF2040 rev.jpg
  3. I can't--but I can fit one of my purse's on my shoulder without a coat--the other handle is a slight bit tighter. (I must be broader-shouldered than aaallabama, but I'm not overly so)
  4. Thanks for the picture! Pretty emerald!
  5. I'd love to get one as well in fall how can you fit in it? is it right that it's almost like the city?
  6. I've got one in cognac. It fits a ton of stuff. Very easy bag to carry. Love it!
  7. yes, Greenie is right, you can fit lots & lots in's the bag i carry to work everyday & i've gotta lotta stuff :yes:
  8. it would probably be a snug fit. not sure if it would be comfortable tho. i have yet to try...
  9. i want a purse too, i think it fits better on the shoulder compares to the city. Im stilling thinking about the color though, should i get the ink before its gone, or wait for the fall colors (i have my eyes on the rouge vif)...
  10. Here's a pic of me with my pale rose Purse on my shoulder. I haven't tried it on with a coat as I plan to use it as a summer bag because of the color. I'm not sure it would fit on my shoulder with a heavy coat. The SA did tell me though that with wear the handles will "drop" a little, so maybe in time it will.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I'm thinking the new rouge, as well. I think there was an authentic Ink on ebay....I have the ink in the City, and it is :love: !
  13. I definitely can, but event if it's easier than with a city, mind you, the drop is not huge. ;)