To those with a baby cabas

  1. I was able to try one on recently. Does anyone else find the clanking of the charm annoying? I'm also afraid it will get caught on something and break off. Would Chanel repair if that happens? I put my name on a list for a new shipment. Is it going to change style this fall?

    I also tried the large modern chain but thought it was to heavy. I like the N/S tote. I wasn't able to try one on so wonder if its much lighter.

    Can't decide between the two and can only have one.
  2. I have the baby cabas and I never hear the charm clanking. However I will say the chain straps do hurt my shoulder from time to time and I don't carry much in my bag. Yes Chanel will fix your bag but there is usually a charge, in my experience none of my Chanel's have broke.. thankfully :smile:
  3. Hmm. maybe it was because it was sitting on a glass counter.

    I also like the Lux Ligne.

    Decisions, decisions.
  4. it doesn't clank when i walk with my bag. although sometimes whenit bumps into something, yeah it'll def. clank :p
  5. Hmm, well it annoys me sometimes when the charm goes inside the bag, and doesn't sit outside like it's supposed to haha. :p What's really annoying, however, is that on my Kkaki Baby Cabas, after carrying it maybe three times, the back side of the charm has a small, but noticeable, area where the rose gold metal has rubbed off to reveal silver!!! :tdown:
  6. The charm definately clanks if you put it down on the counter to take out your purse or something, but it doesn't clank when your walking.
  7. ^^yikes! and here i've been dying to get a khaki one...should i just keep the black one i found and forget about the khaki???
  8. I don't really notice too much clanking.
  9. it is a bit heavy and when i put it on my arms it leaves seriously red marks. yikes. but i still love my bronze cabas.
  10. I don't notice any clanking. If something does happen to the charm and it is within a year and you have the rcpt, chanel will fix for free. As another member mentioned, after a year goes up Chanel will fix but usually for a fee.
  11. There is some clanking but definitely tolerable.

    There was a stitching that came loose so Chanel fixed it for free because it was within the one year time frame.
  12. I agree! I always have to look down at my bag to make sure the CC medallion is out (otherwise how will anyone know it's Chanel?)

    I have not had any clanking problems however. I love the cabas!
  13. it's not that bad, doesn't bother me.
  14. On the original the charm only gets annoying when it goes inside the bag. i never noticed it clanking unless I drop it on the floor. (yes, I am rough on my bags). Even with the vinyl I never noticed it clanking. However, I do find the cabas to be lighter than the MC. I returned mine.
  15. The only time I notice any clanking is when I set the bag down and it hits something. I do have problems with the charm staying on the outside of the bag. But, I still love my cabas!