To those who own Grey Lambskin Jumbo...

  1. How is it holding up? I am considering this for my next purchase...Thanks!!!
  2. I don't have grey, but I have navy jumbo.
    It holds very well (than I thought), scratches not easily but mostly gone with the conditioner.

  3. Thanks MEEJU! Great to know, your navy jumbo is lambskin right?
  4. I've used mine a handful of times, and it's holding up great... but I'm very careful about my bags, never putting them on the floor, etc. Mine looks new so far, I used to have a lot of lambskin Marc Jacobs bags and never had any problems with the leather either...
  5. Thanks skimmilk. Think it's time to call m s.a. haha
  6. May I ask what conditioner you use?