To those who love big tote bags~do you still love your original Cabas? Why & why-not?

  1. I adore large bags and I finally have a chance to get the original, leather Cabas. :yahoo:

    To those of you who own the large Cabas... do you still really love it? Do you still use it? Have you fallen in love with other bags, making the original Cabas too passé for you?

    I have lots of bags and don't want to make a mistake... but I do love a big, slouchy, leather bag...

    I would like any information you can give me. :flowers:
  2. I think u should get it.The cabas is one of the best Chanel bags EVER....I adore my teal one to death!(i actually sold it once..THEN had to rebuy it!LOL!)
  3. i've been shlepping my bronze cabas all last 2 weeks while on the road and i'm still toting it now that i'm home. it's just great!
  4. i have a coco cabas in vinyl. still love it so much.
  5. True, but Jill and ldldb, you both have the baby Cabas. That's a much more normal size bag than the original, large one that I'm considering.

    ChloeSS, you haven't become sick of the shape and size of the original yet?
  6. i LOVE big tote bags, and i have 2 original cabas in vinyl and leather.
    i still use them almost everyday, although i've been using the leather one most of the times.

    it's a great big slouchy bag that i never regret buying!
  7. ^^ Thank you, seahorseinstripes! Good to know!
  8. I don't own one, but a original cabas is still on top of my list.

    I say go for it, if you have the opportunity :woohoo: Lucky you!
  9. i bought my cabas when it first came out. love it till today and still carry it all the time! went to my chanel SA and she said ppl are still looking for it all the time!
  10. Where can i still purchase patent chanel coco cabas tote???
  11. i love my khaki cabas:smile:
  12. I have two original cabas bags, (black and white) and I adore both of them. I get bored with my bags quickly but the cabas bags have staying power. Honestly, I can't see myself getting rid of either bag. They are the perfect size totes, comfortable to carry and look fabulous.

    Go for it, I don't think you will be sorry :smile:
  13. i have the baby cabas and i LOOOVVEEE it! :heart: it can get a little heavy once i put my stuff in it, but it's a small price to pay for such a versatile and beautiful bag.:tup:
  14. Thank you, the_lvlady!

    livethelake... I get bored quickly too. I was worried I wouldn't think the bag was still fabulous in a year or two, but I think I will still go for it. :yes:
  15. I love the Cabas and went Cabas crazy when they first came out (i.e. had black, white and khaki). I sold them and regret letting go of my black one--it's really turning into a classic, in my opinion. It's a gorgeous bag!