To those who have the elastic ballet flats- did you have to break them in?

  1. In my previous thread regarding my new elastic ballet flats (black/black combo) I mentioned that they rub a bit on the back of my foot/back of ankle area. I assume I have to wear them a couple of times (like any new shoes) to break them in.

    So to those who own them and have worn them a bit, did you have the same issue? Did you have to wear them a couple of times to break them in or do they always rub the back of the foot? They are SOOO very comfortable everywhere else I do hope they will break in a little. I adore them (and don't wanna give them up!) so give me some feedback please.:yes:
  2. I have the same shoe, but with a 3 inch heel. They also rubbed the back of my heel, but didn't hurt. I worn them all day.
  3. This is the reason I am afraid to get them. I have huge feet (size 10) and I am afraid they'll fit to narrow on me and rub my feet.

    I love them though.
  4. Sadly, I am shipping them back today. :crybaby:

    I just don't think the rubbing will stop by me breaking them in. They are so beautiful and perfectly comfortable everywhere else- I am so disappointed to see them go but I just could not keep them in hopes that the elastic would stop irritating the back of my foot.

    I wonder if they get these back frequently since a few people on here have said they bothered them as well.