To those who have iPods..

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  1. I do, I just use the cassette adapter I had for my cd great.
  2. A direct connection will always give you the best sound. If you have an input jack on your car stereo, a simple audio cable from Radio Shack is the way to go. Secondly, I would use the cassette connection if your car has a cassette deck. I would go with the FM transmitter last, you will get intermittent static if there are strong signals coming from radio stations that are close to the one that you have the transmitter set at, and you will get interference if you are near power lines.

    An excellent source of reviews for iPods and accessories is All things iPod, iTunes and beyond | iLounge.
  3. ^ thanks for the input ladies.

    well.. the car we have doesn't have a cassette player nor does it have a direct connection.

    so im left with fm transmitter option.
  4. Those fm transmitters never work well, esp in large cities. I've tried the iTrip and the Belkin and neither work consistently. Ugh! I've given up on using the iPod in the car, not until I decide to change my head unit to include the direct connection!
  5. the itrip is overrated. i've had 2 and neither have lasted longer than a couple months. but i think te new ones are a little better.
    the griffin one posted above is better. but, when i switched cars with my mom, the cigarette adapter thingy didn't work- so i can't use that one anymore. (which is why i'm pretty much stuck with the itrip as my only option- i dont really feel like paying a honda dealer $500 to fix the cigarette lighter when i dont even smoke).
    you can also get bestbuy to connect it through your cars system (the one i'm looking at is $150)
  6. maybe I'll give the griffin a try then....
  7. i'm using cassette adapter...
    my friend had this fm transmitter, but it's broken so easily.
  8. i have a tape adapter to my ipod. the next car i get will have a direct connection, or i'll have one installed aftermarket. i can't stand the radio wave thing.. it's staticky and sound is horrid. especially in a large metropolis or densely populated areas where there are very few radio stations that are still pure static. every station has some sort of music or talk radio on it.. EVERY. it was near impossible to find the "perfect" static station.
  9. ^ Sounds cool, specific for iPod and radio style... maybe my iPod is too old, I have 2nd generation and the iShuffle and nothing is available for these....
  10. I used iTrip and LOVED it. I drove from Central Cali up to Arcata, CA (about a good 10hr drive) and not once did I loose signal. Also driving from CA to RI last summer, iTrip was great as was a different brand of FM transmitter. Both worked great and I had no problems, even with driving through big cities.
  11. I have an Alpine stereo installed in my car that has iPod connectivity. There's a cable that comes out from my dash that connects to the slot on the bottom of the iPod.